Clariant’s Advanced Catalysts to Supplement Germany’s Green Hydrogen Revolution, Hydrogen Supply to Streamline

Clariant’s Advanced Catalysts to Supplement Germany’s Green Hydrogen Revolution, Hydrogen Supply to Streamline

  • 08-Dec-2021 6:42 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

The world’s leading speciality chemicals producer and sustainable solution provider, Clariant has indulged itself in Germany’s TransHyDE project AmmoRef dedicated towards the development of process technologies and high-grade catalysts to boost ammonia cracking to enable hydrogen transport in future. Clariant will be leveraging its expertise in chemical reactions and catalyst preparation for building cutting-edge catalyst formulations for ammonia cracking. The company will also be lending its trademark AmoMax 10 Plus catalyst for the synthesis of green ammonia.

Clariant will be joining with the country’s prominent collaborators from industry and academia as well as leading technology provider ThyssenKrupp and the multinational chemicals major BASF on this project. The developed catalysts are expected to promote hydrogen transport to long distances.

Hydrogen is considered to be a green alternative to fossil-derived fuel due to its zero toxic emissions. Despite its low-carbon footprint advantage, the establishment of the hydrogen economy faces backlash due to its storage and transport challenges that arise from its extremely low volumetric energy density. Ammonia as a hydrogen carrier is gaining wide popularity as it can be easily transported to long distances and can supply hydrogen on catalytic cracking.

As per ChemAnalyst, the efforts on the development of efficient ammonia cracking catalysts are expected to play a vital role in promoting green hydrogen supply to a wider segment of downstream industries. The ease of hydrogen transport is expected to streamline hydrogen supply causing the associated high-cost investments on hydrogen transport to propel down, eventually bringing down the hydrogen prices to a significant extent. Amid the growing government’s pressure to foster sustainable solutions, the global demand for hydrogen is expected to surge in the upcoming years with an year-on-year CAGR of around 5%. Clariant’s net-gen catalysts will indirectly serve as the medium to satiate the rising hydrogen demand in the European region in future.

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