Global Copper wire Price Remains Stable Amidst Surplus Supply and Expanding Mining Activities
Global Copper wire Price Remains Stable Amidst Surplus Supply and Expanding Mining Activities

Global Copper wire Price Remains Stable Amidst Surplus Supply and Expanding Mining Activities

  • 22-Feb-2024 2:54 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

In the second half of February 2024, the price of Copper wire showed a lingering uncertainty in their price trend amidst an oversupply of extracted copper from the major mining countries.  According to market players, the major mining companies and downstream industries are investing in an expansion of copper mining activities. The downstream demand from the electric vehicle and infrastructural development sector has provoked the mills to increase their output as they expected a further increase in the consumption rate. The expansion and technological advancement along with Chinese stimulus bets, and the recovery of the economy across the globe have kept the Copper wire price stable in the assumption of an upliftment in demand in the coming quarter.

The mining rate for copper has been on a rising trend, leading to a surplus inventory level and declining Copper wire prices across the globe. McEwen Copper Inc., Canada is currently in talks with automaker Stellantis NV and a Rio Tinto Group venture to raise about $100 million for a copper project in Argentina. McEwen aims to construct the Los Azules mine, estimated at $2.5 billion, with operations slated to commence towards the latter part of the decade. This initiative aligns with projections anticipating a surge in demand for copper, driven by the transition away from fossil fuels. Concurrently, Chinese construction firms are poised to inject up to USD 7 billion into the Sicomines joint venture for copper and cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Moreover, Barrick Gold's strategic endeavor includes the expansion of its Lumwana copper mine situated in Zambia. These combined efforts have notably bolstered the supply of copper wire in regional stockpiles worldwide, thereby fostering sustained price equilibrium within the copper wire market.

Furthermore, the consumption from the downstream construction and housing sector persisted in a lowering trend as the concerns over China's property market and Beijing's efforts to curtail excessive borrowing have also contributed to the decline in copper prices. According to market players, Copper wire prices are anticipated to rise in 2024 but they might be capped by weak global demand due to slack growth in China and major economies. The demand side remains flat amidst market uncertainties provoking the buyers to lower their placemen of orders. The ripple effect of these factors promoted the stability in price trend for Copper wire in the global market.

According to the analysis by ChemAnalyst, the price of Copper wire is anticipated to remain on a steady trend in the coming month as the assumptions for hiked demand from the downstream Electric vehicle and renewable energy sector would support the price trend for Copper wire. Meanwhile, the increased mining activity and several recent investments for the expansion of mines could hinder the Copper wire price across the globe, resulting in overall stability.

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