Coromandel International Resumes Fertilizer Production

Coromandel International Resumes Fertilizer Production

  • 28-Apr-2020 4:00 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Coromandel International (CIL), a leading Indian fertilizer importer and manufacturer has resumed fertilizer production at its Vishakhapatnam unit after relaxation in lockdown restrictions by the Central government. The company recorded a significant reduction in its output at the end of March due to lockdown and reports that its Kakinada facility is still running. The company is one of the leading suppliers of phosphate-based fertilizers in India, with production capacity of 2.94 million tonnes in 2018-19 as per its annual report. The annual capacity of the company is 3.5 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizer, which includes DAP, SSP and NPKs.


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