Covestro Introduces Circular Polycarbonate Options to U.S. Markets
Covestro Introduces Circular Polycarbonate Options to U.S. Markets

Covestro Introduces Circular Polycarbonate Options to U.S. Markets

  • 16-Nov-2023 2:38 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Covestro's polycarbonate compounding facility in Newark, Ohio, has attained the esteemed ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) PLUS certification, marking a significant stride in expanding the availability of the company's mass balanced polycarbonate products in the United States. This noteworthy achievement closely follows the certification of Covestro's Baytown, Texas, facility earlier this year, underlining a substantial advancement in the journey toward circularity for polycarbonates within the U.S. market.

The Newark facility is responsible for compounding Makrolon® polycarbonate, a high-grade plastic extensively utilized in diverse industries such as automotive, electronics, and healthcare. The attainment of ISCC PLUS certification holds particular significance as it empowers the site to produce Makrolon® RE grades, denoting renewable attributed products. These RE grades leverage existing infrastructure, with the capacity to incorporate up to 89% attributed bio-circular raw materials while retaining identical physical characteristics as conventional Makrolon® polycarbonate. As integral components of Covestro's broader CQ (circular intelligence) portfolio, the ISCC PLUS certification significantly broadens the spectrum of circular offerings accessible to customers in the United States.

Samir Hifri, who serves as the Chairman and President of Covestro LLC, underscored the significance of the ISCC PLUS accreditation. He expressed that the accreditation represents a crucial milestone, providing additional value to their customers and key industries. He further highlighted that the certification contributes to enhancing the sustainability of Covestro's polycarbonate production in the U.S., encompassing sourcing and production in Baytown, as well as compounding in Newark. The Makrolon® RE series emerges as a preferred choice for customers seeking solutions aligned with climate goals, embodying Covestro's commitment to providing environmentally responsible alternatives.

The Makrolon® RE grades, now made possible by the ISCC PLUS certification, hold promise as a sustainable option for various industries. With the ability to incorporate a substantial percentage of bio-circular raw materials, these grades align with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions without compromising the performance characteristics expected from conventional Makrolon® polycarbonate. Covestro's commitment to circular intelligence is evident in the expansion of its circular offerings, facilitated by the recent certification of its Newark facility.

Covestro's Newark facility securing ISCC PLUS certification represents a pivotal moment in the journey toward circularity for polycarbonates in the United States. The newfound capability to produce Makrolon® RE grades signifies a tangible commitment to sustainability, providing customers with an expanded array of circular options. Covestro's dedication to environmental responsibility, from sourcing to production, underscores the company's proactive role in driving positive change within the industry. The Makrolon® RE series stands as a testament to Covestro's commitment to offering innovative, sustainable solutions that resonate with the evolving needs of customers and the broader goal of achieving climate objectives.

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