Covestro's Polycarbonate Chosen for Airway Monitoring Device Application
Covestro's Polycarbonate Chosen for Airway Monitoring Device Application

Covestro's Polycarbonate Chosen for Airway Monitoring Device Application

  • 08-Feb-2024 4:01 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

Certus Critical Care is currently in the developmental phase of the VentRight Monitor (VRM), a medical device tailored specifically for airway monitoring, with the aim of enhancing patient care during critical situations requiring mechanical ventilation. To support this initiative, Covestro has entered into a partnership with Certus Critical Care, supplying its Makrolon 2458 polycarbonate.

A significant challenge in mechanical ventilation lies in maintaining synchronization between a patient's respiratory demand and the delivery of air by the ventilator. Patient-ventilator asynchrony (PVA) is a common occurrence in such scenarios and can lead to adverse outcomes such as ventilator-induced lung injury, patient discomfort, and potentially increased mortality risk.

The VRM has been meticulously engineered to address this challenge, leveraging multiple sensors and advanced algorithms to accurately identify various types of PVA. Furthermore, it offers clinical decision support to assist healthcare providers in effectively managing these instances of asynchrony. By providing precise detection and continuous monitoring, the VRM aims to equip emergency departments, intensive care units, and medical transport facilities with real-time information essential for optimizing patient care.

Integral to the design of the VRM is the Makrolon 2458 polycarbonate supplied by Covestro. This material offers a unique combination of biocompatibility, impact strength, and an appearance reminiscent of glass, which is crucial in critical care environments. Additionally, Certus Critical Care plans to utilize Covestro material for the housing of a supporting monitor. Makrolon 2458 polycarbonate is classified as a medical-grade thermoplastic material meeting ISO 10993-1 and USP class VI standards. Furthermore, Bayblend M850 XF PC+ABS, another medical-grade thermoplastic material provided by Covestro, ensures rugged durability and high chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in demanding medical settings.

The development of the VentRight Monitor represents a significant technological advancement addressing an unmet need within the healthcare sector. Covestro and Certus Critical Care collaborate closely to deliver a high-quality, proven material that aligns with the rigorous requirements of this potentially life-saving product. Certus Critical Care acknowledges that Covestro's materials not only meet but exceed their requirements for durability, resistance to sterilization processes, and compliance with biomedical standards. By leveraging Covestro's materials, Certus Critical Care has been able to develop a product capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of critical care environments, ensuring the provision of a reliable tool for healthcare professionals and setting a new standard in patient-ventilator monitoring.

Covestro AG, a German-based company, specializes in manufacturing raw materials for polyurethane and polycarbonate products. Their diverse range of offerings includes isocyanates and polyols used in cellular foams, thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate pellets, and polyurethane-based additives utilized in the formulation of coatings and adhesives.

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