Covestro Unveils New Facility for Polycarbonate Copolymers Production
Covestro Unveils New Facility for Polycarbonate Copolymers Production

Covestro Unveils New Facility for Polycarbonate Copolymers Production

  • 28-Mar-2024 4:31 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Covestro has completed construction of its inaugural plant for polycarbonate copolymers, enabling large-scale production of these high-quality plastics at its Antwerp facility in Belgium. The innovative platform technology, developed in-house by the company, relies on a revolutionary solvent-free melt process coupled with a new reactor design. This breakthrough allows for the production of polycarbonates with customizable properties, which have undergone extensive development and testing on laboratory and pilot scales in recent years. The investment, amounting to mid double-digit millions of euros, encompasses both a pilot plant and a full-scale production facility. Beyond streamlining the production process, the integration into Antwerp's existing infrastructure, featuring four polycarbonate production lines, offers synergistic benefits by combining global production scale with the flexibility of a standalone unit.

Sucheta Govil, Chief Commercial Officer at Covestro, remarks, "The novel production process stands as a pioneering achievement worldwide, enabling us to deliver a diverse portfolio of material innovations. With this new facility, we can accelerate the industrial-scale production and introduction of novel polymer materials, representing the culmination of several years of development efforts by our research and process technology teams, coupled with our extensive experience in polycarbonates. In our Solutions & Specialties segment, we prioritize sophisticated products characterized by rapid innovation—a pivotal success factor given the rapidly evolving customer demands. The establishment of this new production line exemplifies our commitment to implementing this strategy and providing optimal support to our customers."

Lily Wang, Global Head of the Engineering Plastics business unit, elaborates on the advantages offered by copolymers compared to pure polycarbonates. " Copolymers serve as a gateway to integrating added functionalities and properties into our materials. These enhancements encompass improved mechanical properties, increased resistance to chemical attacks, and enhanced flame retardancy. As a result, we can offer innovative materials that meet the rigorous requirements of our customers across a broader spectrum of applications. Initially, our focus will be on developing materials tailored for the electrical, electronics, and healthcare sectors, with future innovations targeting emerging trends such as mobility."

To gain insights into customer needs and preferences, Covestro plans to showcase a selection of products that could be manufactured using the new plant at the upcoming Chinaplas exhibition in Shanghai in April. The company eagerly anticipates engaging with customers to discuss these innovative material solutions further.

Covestro stands as a global leader in manufacturing top-tier polymer materials and their constituents. Through its innovative products, processes, and methodologies, the company contributes to sustainability and elevates the standard of living across numerous domains. Catering to customers worldwide, Covestro serves pivotal industries including mobility, construction, electronics, and beyond. Moreover, Covestro's polymers find applications in diverse sectors such as sports, telecommunications, healthcare, and even within the chemical industry.

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