Cyber Attack on Nhava Sheva Port, Normal Activities Yet to Resume

Cyber Attack on Nhava Sheva Port, Normal Activities Yet to Resume

Cyber Attack on Nhava Sheva Port, Normal Activities Yet to Resume

  • 24-Feb-2022 4:55 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Oldest terminal in the public harbour, Nhava Sheva has witnessed a cyber-attack on 21st February 2022. However, type of cyber-attack has not been disclosed yet by officials, while industrial experts are anticipating ransomware. For the time being, management has imposed stoppage on port operations till they get rid of this attack. As per ChemAnalyst analysis, this attack will halt the normal operations and scheduled cargoes will get affected for a significant timeframe.

Cyber-attacks have become a major concern for global trade activities, as these attacks are getting more frequent year over year. Similar attack was observed during June 2017, while one of the major terminals of JNPT was attacked by ransomware and management struggled to get rid of that attack. Not only in India, but cyber-attack is also a global concern, where trade activities were disturbed due to different ransomware like it happened in South Africa followed by Russia and colonial pipeline in USA.

On the other side, geopolitical issue between Russia and Ukraine has already injected uncertainties on trade activities, while crude oil value has already started soaring in global market. Meanwhile, delayed imports may also incite a wave of disturbance across Indian market.

As per ChemAnalyst sources, procurers are still waiting to get official insights about this attack, as in the midst of global uncertainties another disturbance may further contract their profitability. Nevertheless, officials at Nhava Sheva have started investigating this at priority and trying to protect operations from further disruptions.


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