Deepak Fertilizers to Ramp Up IPA Production on Soaring Demand amid Coronavirus

Deepak Fertilizers to Ramp Up IPA Production on Soaring Demand amid Coronavirus

  • 31-Mar-2020 11:00 AM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

The spread of pandemic in India has created an outrageous panic among people making them improvise their personal hygiene as a preventive measure of Covid-19. This concern for cleanliness and hygiene has led to an unprecedented surge for sanitizers, thereby positively affecting the demand for Isopropyl Alcohol in India. Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals, being the sole manufacturers and supplier of Isopropyl Alcohol in India, has planned to enhance its production by 10 times to cater to the demand in the domestic market amid the disruption of supply chain. Demand for IPA is anticipated to climb further in the coming weeks as new companies for sanitizer manufacturing prepare to enter the market to benefit from the scenario. Previously, Deepak Fertilizers was fulfilling 40 per of country’s demand with majority of domestic being met through imports. Deepak fertilizers is currently equipped with a plant capacity of around 70KTA at Taloja and is aiming to setup another IPA plant of 100KTPA in the coming years.



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