Defoamer Surfactant Market in Asia Maintains Stability Amidst Moderate Demand
Defoamer Surfactant Market in Asia Maintains Stability Amidst Moderate Demand

Defoamer Surfactant Market in Asia Maintains Stability Amidst Moderate Demand

  • 01-Jun-2023 12:35 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

The Defoamer Surfactant market in the Asian region has observed a stable market trend, and the overall prices of the product have been nearly stable. The demand for Defoamer Surfactants has remained moderate in the Indian domestic market from the downstream water treatment, paper and pulp, and oil and gas industries, and milder inquiries from the consumer market were registered.

Moreover, the cost support from the upstream Palm Oil has been observed to be relatively weaker in this time frame as the major Palm Oil producers lower the production rates by a considerable margin. As per the market participants, Palm Oil inventories were adequate in the region to cater to downstream consumer demand; thus, the frequency of commodity imports was low.

In the first week of May, the prices of Silicon-Free Defoamer Surfactant Ex-Mumbai were USD 1986 per tonne, which increased by 2.8% to USD 2041 per tonne in the second week due to improvement in the downstream demand. Again, the prices rose faintly by 0.7% in the third week, settling at USD 2044 per tonne. Further on, in the next week, the prices of Defoamer Surfactant inclined by 1.3% to USD 2057 per tonne.

Similarly, the prices of Silicon Defoamer Surfactant were recorded to be stable throughout this month, and the pricing trend showcased an increase of approximately 1.5%.

The need for water purification is often higher throughout the summer months, notably from April to June 2023. During this time, many regions of India faced high temperatures and low rainfall, resulting in increasing water scarcity and the need for water treatment to ensure the supply of clean and safe drinking water, attributing to increased demand for Defoamer Surfactant.

As per ChemAnalyst Database, the prices of Defoamer Surfactant are anticipated to surge in the upcoming weeks owing to the costs of the upstream oleochemicals amidst the imposition of a production cap by OPEC+ and Russia.

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