Despite Fall in Feedstock Cost, Triethanolamine Price Rises in Europe
Despite Fall in Feedstock Cost, Triethanolamine Price Rises in Europe

Despite Fall in Feedstock Cost, Triethanolamine Price Rises in Europe

  • 28-Jun-2022 8:38 AM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Triethanolamine prices have showcased a different market sentiment than its feedstock Ammonia in European market during June 2022, where feedstock Ammonia has declined and Triethanolamine has risen. As per the data, Triethanolamine prices have risen in Belgium, France, and Germany, owing to stable demand fundamentals amidst buoyant input costs.

The data shows a price hike of around 2% in Belgium during June 2022, owing to stable offtakes from the end-user industry amidst high input costs. As per the intel, stable demand and prolonged inflationary pressure remained the major driving factors behind this consistent price hike, as the high inflation rate in the European market has been pressuring producers’ pockets since the Russia-Ukraine war started.

On the other side, similar market sentiments were also observed for France and Germany, where high inflationary pressure remained a major factor behind consistent price increments for several commodities, including Triethanolamine. The data shows a hike of around 1% and 1.5% for Germany and France, respectively, for Triethanolamine in the meantime. Recently, Russia has announced squeezing supplies of Natural gas for Europe, which has already destabilized the market sentiments and poured buoyancy into the pricing dynamics of multiple commodities.

Meanwhile, the US market has also been going through huge inflationary pressure for a long time, and where the government has taken some necessary steps to cool down the inflation. However, recent analysis shows that the country has started stepping forward to stagflation conditions, which would not be good for the economic growth of the country. ChemAnalyst data shows the price of Triethanolamine price rose by 0.5% during the same timeframe.

In addition, the US has also started increasing its exports of Natural gas to Europe, as Russia has announced a supply curb. Thus, high exports of Natural gas may fuel up the prices of feedstock Ammonia in the domestic market in the forthcoming months.

According to the ChemAnalyst analysis, the European market is expected to sustain an upward price uptrend in the coming months, owing to ongoing market disturbances during the Russia-Ukraine war. Market experts are also anticipating a stagflation situation for the European market, while the USA has reached almost an edge beyond which a threatening economic situation is waving.

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