Despite Falling Feedstock Prices, Cyclohexane Values Remain Stable in Europe
Despite Falling Feedstock Prices, Cyclohexane Values Remain Stable in Europe

Despite Falling Feedstock Prices, Cyclohexane Values Remain Stable in Europe

  • 14-Sep-2022 12:36 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

The Cyclohexane prices trended slightly upward in Germany despite the upstream Benzene price declined in the European region. The prices of Benzene have been declining from the last few weeks across the Europe as upstream crude values dropped below 100 USD/barrel, along with its low consumption in the market.

Inclined values of Cyclohexane in the regional market have impacted the prices of chemicals like Adipic Acid and Caprolactam which are highly employed in downstream derivative industries including Textile and Automotive. The values for Cyclohexane rose slightly in the first week and then got stabilized in the German domestic market due to the sufficient inventories available with the producers and traders. 

In terms of supply chain in Europe, German ports were protracted during August due to which the delivery of goods to the destined locations got delayed. However, dwell time has now stabilized in Bremerhaven and Hamburg ports after reaching peaks. Burchardkai's handling of trains in a container terminal is still up to 48 hours delayed. Considering the disruptions in the Supply chain, Germany's trade deteriorated with imports and exports declined by 0.2% and 0.7% from the previous month i.e., August. 

The operating cost for the production of Cyclohexane remains high due to the European region's rise in natural gas prices. Russian energy giant Gazprom has stopped the supply of natural gas to Germany from the Nord Stream 1 Pipeline, which will impact the trade of natural gas across the European region in the upcoming months.

As per the ChemAnalyst pricing team, the Cyclohexane values inclined by 1% for FOB Nuremberg basis during the week ending September 2nd. Our Analysts anticipate that the price of Cyclohexane will decline in the German market in the upcoming weeks considering the less consumers spending in the European countries.

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