Deteriorating Supply Fundamentals Likely to Impact Potassium Carbonate Prices

Deteriorating Supply Fundamentals Likely to Impact Potassium Carbonate Prices

Deteriorating Supply Fundamentals Likely to Impact Potassium Carbonate Prices

  • 10-Jun-2022 3:50 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Potassium Chloride, the raw material for potassium carbonate, is observing a shortfall in supply, leading to a hike in its price. There is a growing concern regarding the global supply of potassium Chloride due to the recent supply chain disruptions from the epidemic to the Russia-Ukraine war. Therefore, owing to this, the domestic spot market is in short supply and domestic inventory is low.

This week, the potassium carbonate market continued to rise, the supply of Potassium was insufficient, and potassium chloride replenishment at the port was somewhat limited. As a result of these circumstances, the shortage of raw materials is driving up the price of potassium carbonate. Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Fertilizer Co., Ltd.'s potassium chloride equipment is in good working order. The worldwide price of potassium chloride has recently been robust and rising.

Potassium Carbonate is utilized as a flux in the glass industry because it improves the glass's transparency, resistivity, and refractive coefficient, resulting in superior clarity. Growing demand for glass products such as windows in the building and construction and automotive industries is likely to propel the market forward. In addition, the growing use of potassium carbonate in the agrochemical industry, combined with government attempts to enhance agricultural production, is likely to fuel market expansion.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine war has recently disrupted the fertilizer supply before sowing for the Kharif season. India confronts a challenge in meeting its fertilizer needs, as supply has been disrupted as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While the government has stated that there will be no fertilizer shortages for the coming season, obstacles arise in finding a new supplier who will provide the raw material at a more expensive rate.

According to ChemAnalyst Analysis, "Potassium Carbonate price is expected to flourish in future, owing to the disrupted supply. The demand for Potash Fertilizers, which utilize Potassium, is anticipated to grow alongside the sowing season. Therefore, observing the demand exceeding supply, the market price of Potassium Carbonate may increase.


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