DGTR to Extend Anti-Dumping Duties on Caustic Soda and Other Imports from China

DGTR to Extend Anti-Dumping Duties on Caustic Soda and Other Imports from China

  • 11-May-2020 1:00 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) may extend anti-dumping duties (ADD) and safeguards on more than two dozen Chinese goods which include Sodium Citrate, USB flash drives, calculators, stainless steel flat products, Nylon Tyre cord, measuring tapes, CFL’s, flax fabrics, Caustic Soda, float glass, tableware, kitchenware, plastic processing machinery and solar cells. The issue was raised amid rising concerns that ample imports would have a negative impact on domestic manufacturers as the duty was about to expire soon. India’s total imports from China stood at $70.32 billion in FY19 with maximum contribution from these 25 items. Anti-dumping duties which were imposed on these products about 5 years ago, are going to expire this year. Duties on Chinese imports of Sodium Citrate, a key chemical used in pharmaceutical industry were expiring on May 19. However, the officials conducted a thorough investigation and finally announced the extension of anti-dumping duty on Chinese imports last Thursday. India is planning to take a strict action against excessive dumping of Chinese goods which may affect the country’s Make in India policy aimed at encouraging domestic manufacturing and Foreign Direct Investment.


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