Declining Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol Prices Impact German and US Markets Amid Lower Phenol Costs
Declining Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol Prices Impact German and US Markets Amid Lower Phenol Costs

Declining Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol Prices Impact German and US Markets Amid Lower Phenol Costs

  • 11-Jul-2023 4:05 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

FD Hamburg, Germany: The market price of Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol continued to showcase a declining trend in the German and US region in the wake of lower feedstock Phenol prices. The continuous declining market trend of Phenol has directly impacted the production cost of the Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol, with its market participants are bounded to keep the price of Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol at the lower end. However, the consumption rate of Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol from major downstream Oil and Lubricant industries is found to be moderate, while the consumption rate from other Petrochemical sectors like Rubber and Plastic industries showcased a slightly bearish outlook. Furthermore, the energy crises and slow economy all brought about tumbling the growth rate in the European and US market.

In the European region, the costs of the Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol kept on at its lower end in the wake of gloomy demand from the downstream Lubricant and other petrochemicals sector. Considering the current market dynamics and conditions, the makers still have lingering doubts about building the costs for the homegrown market as the area was all around provided with the accessibility of the item. Likewise, critical producer's units have sliced their production rate to avoid additional stocks, as purchasers ceased putting in huge requests. In addition, the energy crisis, high inflation rates, and cheap inventories in the market forced them to offer discounts to attract customers to increase market transactions.

The price of Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol in the United States fell in line with the European market's downward trend. Given the consistent influx of material which has led to an overabundance of products in the domestic ports, there is currently no indication of a surge in demand within the downstream Petrochemicals and Lubricant industries. Despite ongoing challenges in the spot market, suppliers continued to receive inquiries for the product, albeit with sufficient records. Moreover, imports of Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol from other North America, including Mexico and Asian regions, declined as enterprises exhibited little interest in bulk purchasing. Moreover, market participants acquired their stocks on an immediate basis, leading to reduce trading activities for this commodity.

According to ChemAnalyst, the Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol price in the European and US markets is expected to face challenges in the upcoming months. The uncertain demand outlook of Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol, combined with the absence of any indications of rising demand from major downstream industries such as oil and lubricants, may contribute to this situation. However, the market dynamics may be influenced by slow offtake in economic conditions. When the overall economy is experiencing sluggishness, it tends to affect the consumption and demand for various chemicals, including Di-Ter-Butyl Phenol. Consequently, this can have an impact on pricing and market conditions for the product.

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