Dow Introduces Two New REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins for Shrink Films
Dow Introduces Two New REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins for Shrink Films

Dow Introduces Two New REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins for Shrink Films

  • 14-Jun-2024 3:22 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Dow (NYSE: DOW) introduces its groundbreaking series of REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins, signaling a significant step in Dow’s dedication to promoting circularity and driving transformation in waste management.

Dow's ambition by 2030 is to revolutionize waste management by annually commercializing three million metric tons of circular and renewable solutions. This goal drives Dow's expanded initiatives in advancing sustainable and circular packaging. With the introduction of REVOLOOP™ Plastics Resins, Dow reaffirms its commitment to extracting greater value from plastic waste for its customers and partners, aligning closely with its sustainability objectives.

Dow has introduced two new types of REVOLOOP™ Plastics Resins approved for non-food contact packaging. One features 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, while the second is a formulated grade incorporating up to 85% PCR sourced from household waste.

Fabrice Digonnet, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics' Plastics Mechanical Recycling Strategy Leader EMEA, expressed, "The introduction of our latest REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins grades marks an expansion of our sustainability portfolio. We collaborate with brands, converters, and recyclers to innovate packaging solutions that reduce plastic use and ensure full recyclability. Our REVOLOOP™ launch represents a significant milestone in our recycling journey, advancing our circularity goals and contributing to our low-carbon objectives."

Historically, the plastics industry has faced challenges in utilizing household waste for demanding applications like collation shrink films, due to higher contamination risks compared to waste from commercial or industrial sources.

The latest REVOLOOP™ launch tackles these obstacles, marking a transformative step forward in recycling capabilities.

Through a strategic partnership with the RKW Group, a leading European manufacturer of shrink films, Dow is achieving significant milestones in circularity and low-carbon initiatives using REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins. By leveraging Dow's expertise in material science alongside RKW's proficiency in extrusion and printing, both companies are maximizing the potential of recycled plastics from household waste streams to meet demanding applications.  "This collaboration introduces an innovative collation shrink film to the market," stated Konrad Noniewicz, Director R&D & Application Engineering at RKW Group. " By combining REVOLOOP™ 100% PCR and REVOLOOP™ formulations made from recycled household plastics with virgin materials, we've created a flexible packaging solution that guarantees mechanical recyclability. This approach aligns with existing recycling processes and supports the transition to a circular economy."  The resulting collation shrink film incorporates PCR derived from recycled plastics household waste, meeting rigorous standards set by global brand owners.

This partnership between Dow and RKW exemplifies a robust and effective collaboration across the value chain, pushing the boundaries of mechanical recycling and accelerating progress towards a circular economy.

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