Downward Momentum of Acetic Anhydride in the Chinese Market

Downward Momentum of Acetic Anhydride in the Chinese Market

Downward Momentum of Acetic Anhydride in the Chinese Market

  • 05-Jul-2022 5:22 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

Shandong, China: Currently, the prices of Acetic Anhydride have been dropping in the Chinese domestic market. Though the prices have slightly been increasing from 24th June, the overall momentum is downwards, and the prices are much lower than the average price of Acetic Anhydride in the Chinese market. The prices of Acetic Anhydride have been falling in China since the earlier imposed lockdown norms have been removed. As several ports reopened in China after the dismissal of the Covid-19 restriction in early June 2022, the price has mostly shown downward momentum. The factory quotations, along with the market transaction, have been falling. Altogether, the entire market of Acetic Anhydride has been dropping in the country.

The start-up and manufacturing cost involved in producing Acetic Anhydride was low. Furthermore, the prices of feedstock Acetic Acid and upstream Methanol have been slumping as well, which caused the upstream cost to reduce severely. In addition, the Acetic Anhydride enterprise shipment has been poor. Thus, Acetic Anhydride prices have dropped.

Meanwhile, the downstream demand for the product is poor. On the contrary, the supply is good, and inventories are overflowing due to the lack of enquiry for Acetic Anhydride. These factors combined to impact the Acetic Anhydride market and plummet its price value. In a nutshell, the Acetic Anhydride market's driving forces have weakened, and the downward momentum has increased, leading to the current market scenario of Acetic Anhydride. Deteriorating the Acetic Acid market is none of the most significant factors behind the sliding value of Acetic Anhydride in the regional market of China.

As per ChemAnalyst anticipations, " The Acetic Anhydride market would showcase declining pricing trend for few more days amidst dropping Acetic Acid and Methanol Prices. Besides, the trend would be downwards until and unless demand from end-user industries such as plastic, perfumes, and dyes improve. The reduced trading activities from China is yet another reason behind surplus stocks and consistent supply."


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