Dreyplas Introduces Alternatives to Fluoropolymers at Fakuma
Dreyplas Introduces Alternatives to Fluoropolymers at Fakuma

Dreyplas Introduces Alternatives to Fluoropolymers at Fakuma

  • 05-Oct-2023 3:25 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

Dreyplas is set to unveil a diverse array of alternatives to fluoropolymers during the Fakuma 2023 event, located at booth B1-1004 in hall B1. The company is addressing concerns surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) by presenting melt-processable Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) as a suitable replacement.

Dreyplas asserts that UHMW-PE can serve as a viable option for various applications, including molded parts, profiles, sheet products, films, and coatings. These alternatives are particularly valuable when the primary requirements include low friction, resistance to abrasion, and high chemical resistance, depending on the specific application.

The foundation of Dreyplas' recommendation for this versatile resin rests on Mitsui Chemicals' product offerings, available in both pellet and powder forms, including micropowders. Dreyplas contends that these products are also compatible with 3D printing technology. Nevertheless, Dreyplas reaffirms its commitment to providing an extensive range of fluoropolymers, especially for applications demanding elevated temperature resistance.

The notable application of LUBMER pellets is their use in highly abrasion-resistant molded parts, extruded sheets, profiles, and hoses. LUBMER is characterized by its self-lubricating properties and high-impact grade, making it suitable for injection molding in both hot runner and tunnel gate systems. This versatile material possesses attributes such as food safety compliance and excellent acoustic and electrical insulation properties. Potential applications span various industries, including automotive, electronics, and industrial manufacturing. Furthermore, it can be employed as a friction-reducing additive in other polyolefin materials.

MIPELON, distinguished by its spherical and readily dispersible fine particles, offers diameters ranging from 10 to 30 μm. In contrast, traditional UHMW-PE powder typically exhibits dimensions between 150 and 200 μm. MIPELON presents itself as a potential alternative to PTFE for crafting low-wear, chemically resistant coatings. It is believed to not only enhance abrasion resistance but also reduce the coefficient of friction even more effectively than PTFE. Another notable application is its use as a friction-reducing additive in various contexts.

HI-ZEX MILLION represents another spherical UHMW powder grade, featuring particle diameters within the range of 120 µm to 160 µm. This grade finds utility in electronic and industrial materials, medical devices, food manufacturing, and more. Its versatile range of applications spans from screws, slide rails, and gears to battery separators and prostheses. As a friction-reducing component in blends, its low density (930 to 950 kg/m3) contributes to weight reduction in products.

Norbert Hodrius, Technical Marketing Director at Dreyplas, underscores the versatility and advantages of UHMW-PE as a potential substitute for fluoropolymers in situations where elevated thermal stability is not imperative. UHMW-PE boasts remarkable properties, including up to twenty times the abrasion resistance of conventional PE, exceptional chemical resistance, high flexibility, low-temperature impact strength, acoustic and electrical insulation capabilities, and compliance with food safety requirements. Furthermore, UHMW-PE aligns with sustainability goals, as all grades are suitable for the PE recycling loop, and its melt processability results in minimal manufacturing waste.

Markus Geister, Sales Manager at Dreyplas, emphasizes the company's commitment to meeting specific requirements. In cases where no viable alternative to fluoropolymers exists, Dreyplas stands ready to supply a wide range of high-performance polymers, encompassing materials such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, and more. Coupled with their comprehensive application engineering expertise, Dreyplas aims to ensure the successful integration of these polymers into their customers' applications.

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