Dwindling Feedstock Market Stabilizing PTFE Prices in China

Dwindling Feedstock Market Stabilizing PTFE Prices in China

Dwindling Feedstock Market Stabilizing PTFE Prices in China

  • 14-Jul-2022 3:24 PM
  • Journalist: Jung Hoon

The prices of Polytetra Fluoro Ethylene are stable in the Chinese market during the second week of July. The ex-factory merchants' fees in the market were temporarily regular, the operating rate of domestic upstream feedstock Hydrofluoric Acid manufacturers increased, and the supply of goods in the market was adequate. Although fluorite prices have risen recently, the downstream refrigerant market has declined, and on-site procurement is not active.

Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid's price decreased, and the supply of the good was steady. However, Hydrofluoric Acid's market was get explicitly supported by the recent increase in fluorite prices. As a result, downstream refrigerant industry operating rates and actual demand were low. The current refrigerant price trend declined concerning the limited procurement of Hydrofluoric Acid. The product prices are falling slightly shortly after the Hydrofluoric Acid plant has been operating stably.

The prices are hovering around USD 10595.00/ton PTFE Fine Cut-EXW Dongping as recorded by Chem Analyst pricing team data. The cost of upstream feedstock Chloroform decreased significantly in July because of supply and demand factors. First, the clash pressure on the supply side converged in July instead of May. Second, despite price swings, methanol still offered some support for Chloroform. Third, the start of downstream refrigerant operation reduced dramatically, which was terrible for Chloroform.

Although methanol fluctuated in June, Chloroform continued to support the cost side due to changes in the price of raw coal. The demand for Chloroform was low due to the low demand for the refrigerant R22 and the fact that the major manufacturers of refrigerants were still not working at total capacity. However, the risk of chloroform exposure has progressively declined following the sudden decline in June and July. Additionally, there is still some support on the raw material surface. It is anticipated that Chloroform prices will change only slightly in the future. Overall, the cost of Hydrofluoric Acid is expected to decrease slightly later.


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