Eni Plans Bio-Refinery Construction at Former Oil Plant Site in Italy
Eni Plans Bio-Refinery Construction at Former Oil Plant Site in Italy

Eni Plans Bio-Refinery Construction at Former Oil Plant Site in Italy

  • 07-Feb-2024 1:38 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

Eni, the renowned oil giant based in Italy, has officially announced its strategic initiative to convert the longstanding Livorno refinery into a bio-refinery, marking a pivotal shift in its operational focus towards sustainable energy solutions.

The Livorno refinery, located in northern Italy, has been an integral part of the region's industrial landscape since its inception in 1936. Boasting a substantial refining capacity of 105 kbbl (thousand barrels) per day, the refinery has traditionally emphasized the production of lubricant bases, fuel oil, gasoline, and specialty products. However, Eni's recent decision to transition towards a bio-refinery model signifies a significant departure from its historical operations and underscores a proactive commitment to environmental sustainability.

The pivotal decision to embark on the bio-refinery project was initially disclosed in October 2022 and is currently awaiting official authorizations subsequent to an environmental impact assessment application. This crucial step underscores Eni's dedication to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while laying the groundwork for a seamless transition towards sustainable energy production.

The ambitious bio-refinery project is set to encompass the construction of three innovative facilities dedicated to the production of hydrogenated biofuels (HVO). These facilities include a biogenic feedstock pre-treatment unit, a 500,000-tonnes-per-year Ecofining plant, and a specialized facility focused on hydrogen production from methane gas. The anticipated completion and commissioning of these state-of-the-art facilities are projected for 2026, signaling a tangible commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions within the region.

Eni's strategic move towards establishing a bio-refinery aligns with the evolving legislative landscape in Italy, which mandates the integration of pure biofuels into the energy mix. Furthermore, this visionary initiative resonates with the targets outlined in the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive, which seeks to reduce emissions within the mobility sector by advocating for the increased adoption of biofuels. By proactively aligning with regulatory mandates and global sustainability targets, Eni is poised to play a pivotal role in driving the transition towards a low-carbon future.

In essence, Eni's decision to transform the historic Livorno refinery into a bio-refinery underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By spearheading this transformative initiative, Eni positions itself as a key player in championing the adoption of sustainable energy solutions and driving the transition towards a low-carbon future, thereby setting new benchmarks for environmental responsibility within the industry.

Eni's visionary approach towards establishing a bio-refinery at the Livorno site heralds a new era of sustainable energy production in Italy. By leveraging innovative technologies and embracing a diversified portfolio of biogenic feedstocks, Eni is poised to make significant strides in advancing sustainable energy solutions and contributing to the global efforts aimed at curbing emissions and fostering environmental stewardship.

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