Enviro's Recaptured Oil and Carbon Black Earns Renewed ISCC Sustainability Certification

Enviro's Recaptured Oil and Carbon Black Earns Renewed ISCC Sustainability Certification

Enviro's Recaptured Oil and Carbon Black Earns Renewed ISCC Sustainability Certification

  • 08-Sep-2023 5:41 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Scandinavian Enviro Systems has reached a significant milestone at its Åsensbruk facility, where it reclaims oil and carbon black from discarded vehicle tires. This operation has once again secured certification from the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) program, marking the second time that its reclaimed products have received this recognition. Notably, Enviro made history as the first entity worldwide to achieve ISCC certification for reclaimed carbon black, an accomplishment initially attained in September 2021.

The ISCC certification serves as a symbol of a thorough and standardized assessment of carbon dioxide emissions, a pivotal factor in climate impact evaluation. Enviro's application of reclaimed carbon black from Åsensbruk, when juxtaposed with an equivalent quantity of fossil carbon black, translates into an extraordinary 93% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, as verified through ISCC's exacting evaluation process. This standardized approach empowers Enviro's customer base to objectively appraise the environmental benefits associated with adopting the firm's recycled raw materials. As a result, this assessment bolsters the market value of these environmentally friendly raw materials.

Moreover, the certification pertaining to the oil extracted from this process has garnered acclaim. Aligning with the European Union's mass balance perspective, as delineated in ISCC certification criteria, this oil can now be marketed by fuel producers as an entirely renewable resource. This represents a significant leap forward in advancing sustainability within the fuel industry.

Enviro's Åsensbruk facility is now an established exemplar of eco-conscious and sustainable practices. Having achieved ISCC certification once before in September 2021, the renewal of this recognition underscores Enviro's unwavering commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while providing valuable, eco-friendly materials for various industries.

The ISCC certification framework is pivotal in this context, as it offers a globally recognized and impartial evaluation of carbon dioxide emissions. This evaluation is crucial in comprehending and addressing the environmental impact of various processes and products. Enviro's innovative approach to recycling end-of-life vehicle tires results in a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions when compared to traditional methods that employ fossil carbon black.

Enviro's recycled raw materials, which benefit from this ISCC certification, hold a unique position in the market. Their reduced environmental impact, as quantified through standardized assessments, enhances their attractiveness to environmentally conscious industries and consumers. As the world increasingly prioritizes sustainability, Enviro's products are poised to gain even greater recognition and demand in the marketplace.

Furthermore, the certification of the oil extracted from the tire recycling process is a significant achievement. This recognition allows fuel producers to market the oil as 100% renewable, aligning with the European Union's sustainability goals and contributing to the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

In conclusion, the renewal of ISCC certification for Enviro's Åsensbruk facility highlights the company's continued dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. This achievement reinforces the environmental benefits of using reclaimed carbon black and oil in various industries and positions Enviro as a pioneer in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices.



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