Euro Manganese Capitalizing on the Rising Demand for Manganese-Rich EV Batteries
Euro Manganese Capitalizing on the Rising Demand for Manganese-Rich EV Batteries

Euro Manganese Capitalizing on the Rising Demand for Manganese-Rich EV Batteries

  • 12-Jan-2023 5:58 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Vancouver (Canada): Euro Manganese Inc is making remarkable progress with their Chvaletice Manganese Project in the Czech Republic. The project utilizes eco-friendly tailings reprocessing to manufacture ultra-high-purity manganese products and will make Euro Manganese Inc the only primary producer of such materials in Europe with a top-rated environmental footprint.

This ambitious effort is set to restore an ecologically damaged former mine site, bringing it up to the latest standards and regulations on both the Czech and European levels. HPEMM and HPMSM, two critical elements for lithium-ion batteries by specification of over 99.9% manganese, are to be produced as part of this process. The demand for high-purity manganese products has risen drastically due to significant growth in the li-ion and EV markets across Europe, where all high-grade manganese products are imported.

Euro Manganese has made great strides in securing land for their processing plant site, which is already designated for industrial usage. In addition, they have initiated the rezoning process of tailings land with both of the neighbouring communities giving their unanimous approval after an extended period of collaborating with local residents and receiving immensely positive feedback along with invaluable design input.

The company has received tremendous collaboration and support from the Czech Government, which issued a crucial Preliminary Mining Permit in 2018 and subsequently provided two exploration licences until 2023.

Furthermore, they approved the company’s request for substantial investment incentives through tax credits on requisite project expenses. Most recently, an official judgment under European Union's Natura 2000 was passed that concluded the Chvaletice Manganese Project would not have a negative effect on endangered species' habitats. Moreover, multiple environmental studies along with necessary baseline analyses have been finished since 2017, showcasing just how far-reaching the project’s preparation for permitting is.

Internationally recognized, Euro Manganese exposed a pivotal moment in progress on the 30th of June 2020 when they presented an EIA Notification - beginning the regulatory review procedure. As a result, permitting could be complete by 2021, assuming that financing is available. When the necessary offtake agreements with prospective clients have been arranged and permitting is achieved, Euro Manganese will then focus their attention on project financing so that they can commence erection of the Chvaletice commercial process plant and related infrastructure.

Meanwhile, during stages of feasibility analysis and progression in project development, the company will be evaluating options for increasing value of the Chvaletice Manganese Project such as producing Sulphuric acid on-site, enhancing building sizing & design, ascertaining efficient equipment selection methods, discovering solid-liquid separation processes applicable to alternative magnesium removal tactics, refining manganese Sulphate crystallization technologies as well as leaching approaches and minimizing waste production by way of recycling & water consumption optimization.

Establishing a productive relationship with prospective consumers of high-purity manganese products, Euro Manganese plans to assess the possibility of building several satellite manganese metal dissolution plants located at customer NMC precursor plants. This would enable them to deliver manganese Sulphate solution instead of granulated manganese Sulphate monohydrate to clients, dispensing with the energy-demanding crystallization procedure in the process.

Preparatory to advancing to the following level in its growth, Euro Manganese anticipates that it will be obliged to secure extra funding. With Chvaletice being situated in the midst of a booming EV production hub in Europe, Euro Manganese perceives it as a European and worldwide strategic asset. The business is working in collaboration with valuable global customers on product advancement and supply chain accreditation - based on pilot plant tests - believing it is attainable for them to create ultra-high-purity manganese goods that meet the rigorous requirements of said customers.

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