EuroChem goes into absolute negotiations to acquire nitrogen business from Borealis group
EuroChem goes into absolute negotiations to acquire nitrogen business from Borealis group

EuroChem goes into absolute negotiations to acquire nitrogen business from Borealis group

  • 04-Feb-2022 2:40 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Austrian chemical organization Borealis has gotten an offered for its manure business from Russia-based Eurochem, with the two organizations anticipating that an agreement should be finished in the second half of this year. The €455mn ($513mn) offer from Eurochem is for Borealis' nitrogen unit, which incorporates its compost, specialized nitrogen and melamine products. Eurochem will obtain three production facilities in France, one in Germany and one more in Austria, as well as Borealis' full deals and conveyance organization utilizing the Danube River.

Borealis will start mandatory information and counsel strategies with employee representatives shortly. The exchange is likewise dependent upon specific closing conditions and administrative endorsements, with shutting expected for the second half of 2022. Eurochem quoted that Borealis has in excess of 50 distribution focuses across Europe and around 4m tonnes of product provided every year in western, central and southeast Europe through the Borealis LAT appropriation organization. Eurochem is currently growing its worldwide production and conveyance capacities. The firm intends to buy a controlling stake in Brazilian fertilizer merchant Heringer, it was reported on 21 December. Competition specialists around 90 days sooner supported Eurochem's acquisition of a Brazilian phosphates mining project from Norwegian maker Yara.

Eurochem's most recent buy will altogether extend its production locales in Europe, adding resources for its Lifosa DAP/NPS office in Lithuania, as well as its NPK and nitrates units in Belgium's Antwerp. The organization likewise supplies fertilizers through its Russian trader at Belorechensk, Kingisepp, Novomoskovsky and Nevinnomysskiy. It is expected that Borealis will keep on focusing on its core exercises of giving imaginative and supportable solutions in the fields of polyolefins and base synthetic compounds and on the change towards a circular economy.

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