Europe Faces Bearish Potassium Silicate Prices Amid Pessimistic Demand, in Contrast to Asia
Europe Faces Bearish Potassium Silicate Prices Amid Pessimistic Demand, in Contrast to Asia

Europe Faces Bearish Potassium Silicate Prices Amid Pessimistic Demand, in Contrast to Asia

  • 24-Jan-2024 2:27 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

During the first half of January 2024, Potassium Silicate followed a contrasting trend in the European and Asian markets. European countries experienced a decline in prices, whereas the Asian market, particularly China and India, observed an increase in demand for Potassium Silicate from downstream glass, paint, and construction industries. These changes were shaped by factors such as economic slowdown, geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, and disturbances in the Red Sea's supply chain, causing elevation in freight rates that affected the pricing trend of imported materials.

In Europe, the Potassium Silicate market encountered challenging conditions, with prices exhibiting a downward trend. This decline follows a 2% depreciation in Potassium Silicate costs in December, primarily driven by lackluster demand from downstream industries, including construction and glass. The economic slowdown in the country significantly contributed to reduced construction activity towards the end of the preceding year. Furthermore, Euroconstruct, an industry analysis organization, forecasts a challenging period for the European construction industry over the next year. Growth projections for 2024 have been revised down from 2% to a flat 0%. Various factors have collectively contributed to a negative outlook for Potassium Silicate, including increased interest rates, financial market restrictions, the Ukraine crisis, and ongoing challenges with building material costs and availability. Consumer confidence has dwindled, housing sales have dropped, and several nations now face an overstock, altering the growth scenario for new residential buildings.

In contrast, the Asian market, particularly in China and India, witnessed an upward trajectory in Potassium Silicate prices during this period. This surge in demand was attributed to heightened activity as market participants restocked at the beginning of the new year. The construction, paint, and glass sectors experienced increased demand for Potassium Silicate, driven by the growth of infrastructure projects in both India and China. Favorable economic conditions and robust demand further contributed to a positive business environment in the region. Moreover, the domestic market for Potassium Silicate in South Korea witnessed a rise in prices, attributed to the escalating costs of imported materials due to a surge in freight rates.

According to ChemAnalyst, potential fluctuations in Potassium Silicate pricing are anticipated in both the European and Asian markets throughout January. Projections further indicate a sustained lack of momentum in European Potassium Silicate demand in the short term, while positive signals are anticipated from the Asian market, particularly in inquiries from downstream industries. Additionally, the overall global dynamics and pricing trends of Potassium Silicate may be substantially impacted by supply chain disruptions in the Red Sea and ongoing geopolitical tensions.

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