European Acetone Rates for MMA Stay Unchanged from December to January
European Acetone Rates for MMA Stay Unchanged from December to January

European Acetone Rates for MMA Stay Unchanged from December to January

  • 08-Jan-2024 12:56 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

In January, the contract price of acetone for methyl methacrylate (MMA) production in Europe remained consistent with December levels, a phenomenon attributed to the stability observed in propylene prices.

The financial landscape of the acetone and propylene markets, particularly in the context of MMA production, is highly interconnected and relies on intricate calculations based on the dynamic propylene pricing framework. The stability observed in these contract prices reflects a certain equilibrium in the broader economic factors influencing the industry at the given time.

It is noteworthy that the propylene contract price for January has remained consistent with the rates established in December, underscoring a level of pricing continuity in the European market. This stability can have implications for various stakeholders within the industry, affecting production costs, profit margins, and overall market dynamics.

A closer look at the pricing mechanism reveals the reliance on a formula where the contract for propylene supply plays a significant role. The 80% correlation to the propylene price showcases the intricate balance and interdependence of these chemical components in the production of MMA. This interconnectedness is crucial for market participants to understand, as it influences their strategic decisions and financial forecasts.

In a broader context, the news also touches upon developments in China's phenol and acetone production landscape. According to earlier reports, the combined production of phenol and acetone in China experienced a month-on-month decline of 3.36%, totalling 577.9 thousand tons in November 2023. Within this timeframe, 358.2 thousand tons of phenol and 219.7 thousand tons of acetone were produced within the country. The decline in production during November was attributed to maintenance activities at key facilities, including ZPC, Sinopec Yanshan, and Shenghong Refining and Chemical plants.

Understanding the global production landscape provides valuable context for the European market situation. Changes and challenges in production levels, especially in major chemical-producing regions such as China, can have ripple effects on the supply and demand dynamics of key chemicals such as acetone. Industry participants should stay informed about these global developments to make informed decisions and navigate potential market fluctuations.

The news about the consistent contract prices of acetone for MMA production in Europe highlights the stability in pricing influenced by propylene rates. The interconnectedness of these chemical components and their pricing mechanisms is a crucial aspect for industry participants to consider. Additionally, insights into global production trends, such as those in China, contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the factors shaping the chemical market landscape.

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