European Fluoroelastomer Price Drop Continues as 2022 enters the last Phase
European Fluoroelastomer Price Drop Continues as 2022 enters the last Phase

European Fluoroelastomer Price Drop Continues as 2022 enters the last Phase

  • 08-Dec-2022 4:13 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Hamburg, Germany: The price of Fluoroelastomer has declined in the European market over the past two weeks. The two main factors behind this drop in the price of Fluoroelastomer, according to ChemAnalyst, are falling natural gas prices and sluggish downstream demand. In the week ending December 2nd, the cost of Fluoroelastomer MV 30 was USD 34000 FD Hamburg decreased by 2.1% on a weekly basis. While the current week is moving forward, the market for Fluoroelastomer has been trending down again. In addition, over the past weeks, costs have decreased for every other variety of synthetic rubber.

The downstream automotive and aerospace industries' demand for Fluoroelastomer decreased as their sales fell because of tensions around a potential imminent recession. Since European Natural Gas reserves have been filled by more than 95%, the plentiful supply of natural gas has also stabilized the market and lowered its price. A balanced natural gas market has helped Europe avoid a catastrophic energy crisis, and as a result, prices for several commodities have been perceived to be declining.

Additionally, the supply chains are functioning properly, ensuring regular material flow in the market since port congestions are at ease and there are fewer yard occupancies. As a result, any demand from the downstream industries can be easily met by the current stockpiles. Conclusively, Fluoroelastomer's declining market value in the European market can be attributed to a combination of factors, including decreased demand, falling natural gas prices, and easing supply chain disruptions.

According to ChemAnalyst anticipations, "Stable Natural gas costs and unfavorable market sentiment are predicted to cause the price of Fluoroelastomer to continue declining in the upcoming weeks. Manufacturers are also eager to sell their products for less to clear away warehouse space in December when inventories are often cleared out. Fluoroelastomer demand is also anticipated to decline as major holidays draw near."

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