European Methionine Prices Set to Surge Due to Rising Demand and Supply Constraints
European Methionine Prices Set to Surge Due to Rising Demand and Supply Constraints

European Methionine Prices Set to Surge Due to Rising Demand and Supply Constraints

  • 04-Mar-2024 4:09 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

In March, Methionine prices are anticipated to climb across the European market, mirroring the trend observed in past months. The Methionine market is witnessing a surge in activity, breaking free from a stagnant phase. A notable 3.66% increase from the 51st week of 2023 to the 8th week of 2024 indicates a rebound in demand. This upward trajectory suggests a heightened demand for Methionine, particularly in sectors like animal feed and dietary supplements, underscoring its pivotal role in the agrochemical value chain. As the market value of this amino acid continues to rise, companies may find themselves compelled to ensure a steady supply to meet the growing demand.

The anticipated rise in Methionine costs across Europe stems from a confluence of factors, with the prevailing conditions in China being a key contributor. Recent insights into China's industrial landscape, exemplified by a Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) of 49.1 for February, marginally lower than the previous month's 49.2, signal a transient downturn in manufacturing operations. This dip is primarily attributed to the Spring Festival holiday, observed from February 10th to 17th, traditionally prompting a slowdown in production as workers retreat to their hometowns, ushering in an off-peak season for the sector. Moreover, the Xinhecheng Methionine factory in China is set to undergo maintenance for a duration of 3-4 weeks in March 2024. This scheduled shutdown has the potential to momentarily disrupt both the production and export of Methionine from China to various international markets, Europe included. With diminished manufacturing activity and a temporary halt in production in China, there could be constraints in the global supply of Methionine, possibly resulting in an escalation of prices in Europe.

After declining by 0.1 percent in the third quarter and remaining unchanged in Q4, the Euro Area economy managed to avoid a technical recession in the second half of 2023. Current data indicates a potential stabilization in economic activity. Business confidence has risen to its highest level in five months, and consumer confidence is expected to improve starting February, driven by rising real wages, contributing to the upward trajectory of Methionine. Moreover, according to an initial estimate from Eurostat, the annual inflation in the Euro area is projected to be 2.6% in February 2024, down from 2.8% in January. Energy prices in the Euro area dropped by 3.7% in February, compared to a 6.1% decrease in January. These combined factors underscore the intricate interplay between economic dynamics and commodity markets, highlighting the multifaceted influences on Methionine pricing amidst a recovering Euro Area economy.

ChemAnalyst projects that Methionine prices will likely continue their ascent in the upcoming months, fueled by increasing demand from end-sectors and fewer inventories within the domestic market. Additionally, there is speculation surrounding the European Central Bank's (ECB) consideration of an interest rate cut, which could alleviate financial pressures on consumers and further support the upward trend in Methionine prices.

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