European Titanium Dioxide Market Reverse Bearish Trend with January 2024 Price Uptick
European Titanium Dioxide Market Reverse Bearish Trend with January 2024 Price Uptick

European Titanium Dioxide Market Reverse Bearish Trend with January 2024 Price Uptick

  • 13-Feb-2024 2:11 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

Hamburg, Germany: In January 2024, the European Titanium Dioxide market observed a slight uptick in prices, reversing the trend from December 2023. This increase was fueled by the holiday season slowdown in December and limited manufacturing capacity. Additionally, ongoing concerns over reduced mining activities in Q4 2023 continued to affect the supply of upstream Titanium Concentrates. Adding to the market dynamics, major manufacturing plants of Venator LLC in the USA and Lomon Billions Group in China experienced force majeure events. Furthermore, disruptions in the Red Sea region led to increased transportation costs globally, contributing to the upward movement in Titanium Dioxide prices and several other commodities.

The ChemAnalyst database has shown that the prices of Titanium Dioxide have demonstrated an increment of USD 30 per ton in Germany on an FOB Basis. The festive period in December caused a deceleration in manufacturing operations, leading to restricted production and diminished availability of Titanium Dioxide. This, combined with the existing decrease in mining activities, resulted in a scarcity of supply, driving Titanium Dioxide prices upwards. On the demand side, inquiries from the downstream Paints and Coating sectors were not significantly high, maintaining the overall demand at an average level. As per the observed market scenario, Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers exercised prudence in their operations, embracing a cautious strategy in fulfilling market needs.

Furthermore, the Chinese Titanium Dioxide market is expected to remain subdued due to the Spring Festival Holidays, which have been hindering the Titanium Dioxide market operations. The majority of the manufacturing firms have undergone maintenance shutdowns to utilize the time. As per market sources, the manufacturers have already fulfilled their requirements ahead of the holidays in China. Apart from the rerouting of container shipments via the Cape of Good Hope, cancellations of port visits to streamline ship round trip times are also affecting supply chains. Ports in northern China, like Dalian, are experiencing more cancellations from shipping schedules. This compels shippers to transport their goods from northern China to southern ports such as Shanghai and Ningbo by truck, rail, or barge, significantly increasing transit times.

According to the pricing intelligence of ChemAnalyst, the prices of Titanium Dioxide might progress in the northward direction across the regional market. The February outlook for the Titanium Dioxide market is positive, with an increase in prices anticipated as supply-side issues continue and demand potentially picks up post-holiday season. The demand from the Asian market is also expected to improve with the strengthening of the construction sector, leading to an acceleration in the pricing dynamics of Titanium Dioxide in the near term.

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