ExxonMobil Bolsters Commitment to Advanced Recycling at Baytown Site
ExxonMobil Bolsters Commitment to Advanced Recycling at Baytown Site

ExxonMobil Bolsters Commitment to Advanced Recycling at Baytown Site

  • 09-May-2024 5:55 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

ExxonMobil's advanced recycling division in Baytown is barely a year old, yet the company is already planning to establish another unit.

The decision to set up a second unit is in line with ExxonMobil's strategy to achieve over 1 billion pounds of plastic waste processing capacity globally by 2027. This expansion aims to address the increasing demand for certified-circular plastics from companies committed to achieving their sustainability objectives.

Ray Mastroleo, ExxonMobil’s market development manager for advanced recycling, expressed, "This is a significant advancement in boosting our capacity." The new unit is scheduled to commence operations in 2025.

The first unit, operational since December 2022, stands as one of the largest facilities of its kind in North America. As of March 2024, it had effectively treated over 45 million pounds (22,000 metric tons) of discarded plastic. Mastroleo highlighted the ongoing evaluation process, stating, "As we've enhanced the performance of the unit, we've carefully assessed what works and how we can improve. These insights will guide the development of future advanced recycling facilities worldwide."

ExxonMobil acknowledges the surging demand for certified-circular plastics among its customers, surpassing the company's current supply capabilities. Consequently, significant efforts have been made to nearly double the volume of plastic that can be processed through reliability enhancements. Mastroleo emphasized the critical role of industry supply in supporting customers' sustainability commitments, stating, "Advanced recycling is increasingly recognized as a scalable and tangible solution that contributes to broader circularity efforts."

Overall, ExxonMobil's commitment to expanding its advanced recycling capacity underscores its dedication to meeting the evolving sustainability needs of its customers while driving progress towards a more circular economy.

ExxonMobil oversees a prominent portfolio of assets and stands as one of the world's largest integrated providers of fuels, lubricants, and chemicals. The company has refined its operational framework and global structure to maximize the advantages of its growing integration and renowned global brands. ExxonMobil operates through three primary business segments across the globe: Low Carbon Solutions, Product Solutions Company, and Upstream Company.

ExxonMobil's diverse portfolio often entails operations in remote and environmentally sensitive locations, including deep water and regions of high biodiversity. The company's environmental management strategy is rooted in comprehending the potential environmental and socioeconomic effects of its operations. It is dedicated to responsibly developing, maintaining, and operating projects, adhering to suitable standards that uphold its commitment to "Protect Tomorrow. Today."

Currently, transportation contributes approximately 25 percent of CO2 emissions. ExxonMobil provides a variety of products designed to enhance performance, durability, and efficiency, thereby reducing emissions.

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