Feb 2024: Cyclohexanone Prices Stabilizes in US and rise in Europe, here is What to Expect Next
Feb 2024: Cyclohexanone Prices Stabilizes in US and rise in Europe, here is What to Expect Next

Feb 2024: Cyclohexanone Prices Stabilizes in US and rise in Europe, here is What to Expect Next

  • 29-Feb-2024 4:40 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

In the realm of chemical markets, February 2024 has brought contrasting developments for Cyclohexanone prices. While the United States experiences a period of stability, Europe witnesses a surge in prices. These divergent trends reflect the intricate interplay of supply and demand dynamics, raw material costs, and economic conditions in the respective regions.

The Cyclohexanone market in the United States is currently characterized by stability, with prices holding steady throughout February 2024. Despite fluctuations in sectors like construction and textiles, demand for Cyclohexanone has remained subdued. However, expectations are high for an uptick in demand as the month progresses, particularly driven by anticipated improvements in weather conditions. The construction sector is expected to ramp up activity, leading to increased demand from industries such as paints and coatings.

On the supply side, challenges have been encountered, primarily due to high feedstock prices. The cost of benzene, a crucial raw material for Cyclohexane production, has been on the rise, thereby elevating production costs. Additionally, transportation limitations stemming from adverse weather conditions earlier in the year have increased costs (including Cyclohexanone at some places) and delayed deliveries, impacting supply chain dynamics.

Thus, the balanced supply and demand dynamics in the USA have helped to keep prices stable, with producers and consumers maintaining adequate inventory levels, thereby alleviating pressure on prices to fluctuate.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Cyclohexanone market has witnessed an incline of around 1.6% in February 2024, driven by various factors impacting both supply and demand dynamics. It is also supported by a surge in demand, particularly attributed to an improvement in construction activities across key importing markets like France and Belgium. This uptick in construction activities is further anticipated to boost demand from the paint and coatings segment, a major consumer of Cyclohexanone.

However, challenges persist on the supply side, with factors such as production capacity of major manufacturers and disruptions in the supply chain potentially affecting availability. Raw material costs, particularly the price of Cyclohexane, continue to be a significant determinant of Cyclohexanone prices in Europe. These challenges have led to limitations in transportation and logistics, potentially constraining supply and increasing delivery lead times. Additionally, the rising prices of benzene, a key feedstock for Cyclohexanone production, have further exacerbated the situation by pushing production costs upwards.

Peter R. Huntsman, Chairman, President, and CEO of a leading industry player expressed cautious optimism about the future amidst moderate improvements in early 2024 compared to previous lows. While awaiting a clear upturn in demand, Huntsman remains confident in the company's ability to capitalize on volume leverage, especially in the construction and paint industries.

Overall, while Europe has seen an incline in Cyclohexanone prices due to various factors impacting supply and demand, the USA has experienced price stability during February 2024, supported by balanced market dynamics and a stable economic environment. Looking ahead, the interplay of supply, demand, and raw material costs will continue to shape the Cyclohexanone market landscape in the coming months, impacting industry players and consumers alike.

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