Firefighters Mobilize to Extinguish Fire at Synthomer Chemical Facility in West Elizabeth
Firefighters Mobilize to Extinguish Fire at Synthomer Chemical Facility in West Elizabeth

Firefighters Mobilize to Extinguish Fire at Synthomer Chemical Facility in West Elizabeth

  • 26-Feb-2024 10:35 AM
  • Journalist: Henry Locke

Emergency response teams were dispatched to Synthomer Chemical in West Elizabeth following reports of a fire erupting at the facility on Sunday.

According to the Fire Chief of Allegheny County, the incident involved a significant blaze originating from a large oil pump situated in proximity to an ammonia tank. Efforts were swiftly mobilized by the responding crews to assess the situation and extinguish the flames. Fortunately, authorities reassured the public that there was no imminent threat posed to the neighboring community.

The Allegheny County Fire Chief was notified of a fire outbreak at Synthomer Chemical in West Elizabeth over the weekend, prompting the dispatch of multiple crews to the scene.

As per the Fire Chief's assessment, the fire was attributed to a sizable oil pump which had ignited in close proximity to an ammonia tank within the facility's premises.

In response to the emergency, the dispatched crews promptly initiated measures to contain and douse the flames. Their swift intervention helped prevent the escalation of the incident and ensured the safety of the surrounding area.

Despite the intensity of the blaze, authorities were quick to reassure residents that there was no immediate danger posed to the community residing in the vicinity of the chemical plant.

Upon receiving reports of a fire at Synthomer Chemical in West Elizabeth, emergency response teams were swiftly deployed to the scene to address the situation.

In an effort to mitigate the situation, the responding crews worked diligently to monitor and extinguish the flames. Their coordinated efforts helped contain the fire and prevent any significant threat to the surrounding residential areas.

Synthomer specializes in the production of high-performance, highly specialized chemical products and solutions that play a vital role in connecting the modern world through a wide array of everyday applications.

Collaborating with a vast network of over 6,000 customers, we contribute to the creation of numerous products spanning from adhesives to coatings, construction materials, and specialized healthcare applications.

Our innovative chemistry permeates various aspects of daily life, manifesting in applications such as wall coatings, flooring materials, and even packaging for meals. It extends to essential hygiene products that safeguard our well-being and the foundational infrastructure that drives our economy forward.

At Synthomer, our overarching goal is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that not only benefit our customers but also contribute positively to society. This purpose serves as the driving force behind our growth, as we continuously transform ambitious ideas and cutting-edge technologies into tangible materials and products.

Through our expertise in speciality polymers and ingredients tailored for coatings, construction materials, adhesives, and healthcare applications, we not only address fundamental consumer needs but also prioritize solutions that are environmentally friendly.

As the demand for sustainable products continues to rise, we are spurred on to become more agile, inventive, and forward-thinking in our approach. This ethos of sustainable innovation is deeply ingrained in our company culture and guides our efforts towards a future where both our products and processes contribute to a healthier planet and society.

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