First Phosphate Secures Sulphuric Acid Supply Through MOU with Norfalco, a Glencore Canada Division
First Phosphate Secures Sulphuric Acid Supply Through MOU with Norfalco, a Glencore Canada Division

First Phosphate Secures Sulphuric Acid Supply Through MOU with Norfalco, a Glencore Canada Division

  • 19-Jul-2023 4:42 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

Quebec: First Phosphate Corp and NorFalco Sales took a significant stride forward by declaring their non-binding memorandum of understanding. This is to ensure the provision of Sulphuric Acid for its forthcoming industrial establishments in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec. According to the terms of the MOU, First Phosphate has consented to NorFalco supplying the Sulphuric Acid required for its future Phosphoric acid and other industrial facilities situated in Quebec, Canada. This arrangement is contingent upon the two parties finalizing a mutually acceptable definitive Sulphuric Acid supply agreement.

John Passalacqua, CEO of First Phosphate, is thrilled to have NorFalco's assistance. NorFalco stands as the premier supplier of Sulphuric Acid in Canada and has paved the way in its marketing and distribution efforts. This arrangement will be the beginning of a meaningful continuous supply relationship. A deal with NorFalco guarantees the future expansion and development of First Phosphate's industrial activities a crucial and frequently undervalued raw material from a significant local source.

As previously stated, First Phosphate is working with partner Prayon Technologies SA of Belgium to establish a Phosphoric acid facility sustainably that will be in the Port of Saguenay, Quebec. A crucial ingredient in the creation of phosphoric acid is Sulphuric Acid. The establishment of a regional LFP battery supply chain in North America will depend heavily on the performance of the Phosphoric acid plant.

Dedicated solely to the extraction and purification of phosphate for the manufacture of cathode active material for the Lithium Iron Phosphate ("LFP") battery sector, First Phosphate is a mineral development firm. First Phosphate is dedicated to manufacturing with a high level of purity, in accordance with the full ESG criteria, and with a minimal estimated carbon footprint. First Phosphate is to integrate vertically from mine source to supply chains of significant North American LFP battery companies who demand battery quality LFP cathode active material originating from a reliable and secure supply source.

One of the biggest merchant marketers of Sulphuric Acid in North America is NorFalco. Three significant North American production facilities that are a component of Glencore's worldwide Sulphuric Acid supply and trading network are used by NorFalco to sell acid production. Moreover, NorFalco has established contracts for offloading with numerous producers that are not part of the Glencore entity. One of the largest Sulphuric Acid distribution networks in North America belongs to NorFalco and is made up of rail cars, vehicles, barges, boats, storage tanks, trans-load terminals, and import terminals.

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