Fleet Space's ExoSphere Boosts Barrick Gold's Data-Driven Copper Exploration at Reko Diq
Fleet Space's ExoSphere Boosts Barrick Gold's Data-Driven Copper Exploration at Reko Diq

Fleet Space's ExoSphere Boosts Barrick Gold's Data-Driven Copper Exploration at Reko Diq

  • 10-Jul-2024 4:31 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

Fleet Space Technologies, Australia’s leading space exploration company, unveiled its ExoSphere mineral exploration solution, now deployed to advance Barrick Gold’s Copper exploration at the Reko Diq project in Pakistan. Utilizing cutting-edge space technology, AI, and 3D multiphysics capabilities, ExoSphere generates detailed 3D subsurface maps of local groundwater systems and copper porphyry complexes across more than 1,150 km2 of the Reko Diq site.

Flavia Tata Nardini, Co-Founder & CEO of Fleet Space Technologies, emphasized the collaboration between Barrick Gold and Fleet Space in leveraging advanced technologies to enhance mineral discovery and promote sustainability throughout the exploration process. The deployment of cutting-edge innovations in space, AI, and 3D multiphysics for copper exploration aims to establish a more sustainable and scalable approach to meeting the demand for copper in clean energy applications. This initiative aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supports Barrick Gold's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives, contributing to the development of a world-class operation at Reko Diq.

Barrick Gold considers the Reko Diq project a cornerstone asset within their copper portfolio.  This world-class undeveloped resource represents a significant growth opportunity for the company. Situated within the Chagai mountain range, part of the Tethyan Magmatic Arc renowned for its significant copper-gold deposits, the area is pivotal for future production. Scheduled to commence operations in 2028, Reko Diq is poised to boost Pakistan’s economy through job creation, development investments, and regional growth in Balochistan province, aligning with Barrick Gold’s sustainability objectives.

ExoSphere’s comprehensive architecture enhances operational efficiency and insights across the exploration lifecycle. Leveraging Fleet Space’s low Earth orbit satellite network, intelligent seismic sensors with edge computing capabilities, and rapid data processing, ExoSphere offers real-time 3D mapping of mineral systems and AI-driven drill targeting with minimal environmental impact. This approach empowers onsite teams with dynamic, real-time insights, revolutionizing exploration practices by accelerating decision-making and operational precision.

ExoSphere also revolutionizes mineral exploration by simplifying data acquisition, processing, integration, and insight delivery through space technology and AI. This advancement significantly enhances decision-making quality and speed while reducing environmental impact. Recently, ExoSphere's sustainability benefits and innovative capabilities were honored with the Climate Technology Impact Award at the Banksia Foundation’s 35th National Sustainability Awards in 2024.

The rapid global adoption of ExoSphere has propelled Fleet Space’s exponential growth, marked by a successful A$50 million Series C funding round and a doubling of its valuation to A$350 million. Plans are underway to adapt a variant of ExoSphere for a lunar mission in 2026, solidifying Fleet Space Technologies as Australia’s fastest-growing company in its sector.

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