Global Formic Acid Prices Gain a Stance Under the Influence of Growing Downstream Demand
Global Formic Acid Prices Gain a Stance Under the Influence of Growing Downstream Demand

Global Formic Acid Prices Gain a Stance Under the Influence of Growing Downstream Demand

  • 24-Mar-2023 3:25 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Antwerp, Belgium- Following the gain record and healthy trading fundamentals, Formic Acid prices have changed direction and tracked a firmer price trend mostly balanced by gradual production consumption and sustaining profit margin and sales from the downstream enterprises.

Healthy demand and strong market sentiments in Belgium resulted in a surge in imports of Formic Acid from Germany, and the Netherlands improved the trading fundamentals. The tightened stockpile of Formic Acid with increased operating costs among the endeavors hampered the supply/demand scenario with surging interest from the downstream ventures. Formic Acid inventories among the ports of Belgium are utilized continuously with healthy demand for fresh stocks. Downstream preservative and rubber industries started to recover with high purchasing activities and strong market fundamentals.

An increase in spot discussions and higher bids and offers among the suppliers had bullish demand for Formic Acid in the European region resulting in a brisk price trend. Despite the decline in feedstock Methanol, the demand for Formic Acid in the region showcased an upper-price trend due to crippling product availability. Major Formic Acid producers increased their plant's operating rate to cope with the downstream demand. Downstream preservative industries also ran on high production rates as buyers sought to buy cargo in bulk and expected the price to increase further in the forthcoming weeks.

In China, the Formic Acid market had risen with the increase in raw material Sulphuric Acid in the region. As the operating rate of Formic Acid reduced and contracted supply further provides support to the price trend. The downstream preservative market also fluctuated on a narrow range with continuous product utilization from the consumer's end. In China's petrochemical futures markets, the Methanol futures surged by 0.1% along with other Petrochemicals, as per the Dalian Commodity Exchange. The demand recovery is slow, although there is a sign of economic improvement.

According to ChemAnalyst, the European Formic Acid market stays impacted by sluggish interest recuperation and constant product usage from the rubber and preservative industries. The trading exercises are anticipated to increase, with brisk demand for bulk purchases from the provider's end. In China, the increase in trading activities will further boost the Formic Acid market with the signs of economic stability from the Petrochemical's end.

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