Frequent Buying Amid Off-Season Push Benzoyl Chloride Prices
Frequent Buying Amid Off-Season Push Benzoyl Chloride Prices

Frequent Buying Amid Off-Season Push Benzoyl Chloride Prices

  • 23-Feb-2023 5:19 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Regarding factors contributing to the rise in the general price level of Benzoyl Chloride, the traders quoted that on the demand side, the following factors have operated, which include rapid procurement growth.

Supply-side factors include inadequacy of agricultural output, scarcity of industrial output, and high import prices. Unaccompanied by an increase in consumer goods, the process raised the price of downstream peroxide, perfumes, and resins. In addition, deficit spending increases the money supply in the hands of people, and the Benzoyl Chloride supply increases as well. If not accompanied by an increase in the supply of consumer goods, the market value of the product rose.

However, an increase in demand exceeded the genuine expanding need of consumers from the downstream market, which has helped in the remittance of products in India at a broader level. In both marketing and finance-related concepts from an economic standpoint, the prices have risen due to an elevation in the purchase of the product from the fertilizer sector.

Benzoyl Chloride resellers have raised their prices because suppliers increased their prices on finished goods in the Indian market. The market value of Benzoyl Chloride hovered at USD 1842/ton CFR JNPT as per ChemAnalyst Research Team Data. The increasing demand for the product from fertilizers and other technical sectors of industrial application affected the market sentiments.

With an increase in fixed costs, such as rental rates of building and utility fees, Benzoyl Chloride manufacturing companies are adjusting to maintain profitability. Thus, the increased revenue per item exceeds the region's lost sales. With an elasticity in demand, there was a relatively notable change in the market value of Benzoyl Chloride. The sector saw a supply of pure benzene was moderate, the downstream market saw a rise in procurement, and the Benzoyl Chloride prices continued to rise. The supply chain situation in the Indian market was moderate enough to meet the downstream procurement from the fertilizer and pharmaceuticals market.

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