Freudenberg Sealing Introduces a Polyurethane Seal as an Alternative to PTFE
Freudenberg Sealing Introduces a Polyurethane Seal as an Alternative to PTFE

Freudenberg Sealing Introduces a Polyurethane Seal as an Alternative to PTFE

  • 18-Oct-2023 12:51 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Freudenberg has unveiled a groundbreaking polyurethane-based material, designated as '98 AU 30500,' serving as a highly effective alternative to the conventional polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in the field of mobile hydraulic sealing systems. According to FST, the '98 AU 30500' material exhibits outstanding hydrolysis resistance and superior performance characteristics, surpassing the capabilities of traditional PTFE variants.

The product has already generated considerable interest and positive feedback from its initial customers, particularly within the construction machinery sector, signaling a promising reception in the market.

PTFE materials are well-regarded for their exceptional resistance to various media and their wide temperature tolerance range, making them a popular choice for hydraulic applications. Additionally, PTFE is known for its low-friction properties and reliability. Dr. Juergen Hieber of FST acknowledged the merits of PTFE but highlighted the impressive features of the '98 AU 30500' material, which include extraordinary wear resistance and an exceptional ability to withstand various media, thereby setting it apart from traditional PTFE alternatives. This is a significant advancement in material development.

One key factor contributing to the success of the '98 AU 30500' material is the optimized alignment of material and geometry in its design. The resulting seals exhibit minimal friction and demonstrate "very low gap extrusion," ultimately extending their service life and performance. Moreover, these seals operate effectively within a temperature range of -25 degrees to +120 degrees, further highlighting their versatility and functionality in various environments.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) anticipates that the extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements of seals made from the '98 AU 30500' material will translate into lower operational costs for users. This represents a significant advantage for industries that rely on hydraulic systems.

For its initial application in the construction equipment industry, the '98 AU 30500' material has been incorporated into the 'OMK-PU 30500' piston seal, available in 17 different dimensions. This two-part piston seal is constructed from the hydrolysis-resistant high-performance polyurethane material, combined with an O-ring contact element, using an injection molding process. A notable feature of this seal is its interchangeability with standard PTFE seals designed for ISO installation spaces. Importantly, it requires no recalibration after installation, simplifying the replacement process.

The '98 AU 30500' material was primarily developed for use in mobile hydraulic applications within the construction equipment sector, particularly in regions characterized by high humidity. However, its versatility and performance characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of industries, including food and packaging.

Of particular significance is the material's potential for growth in the market. This innovative material offers a viable alternative to fluoropolymers, which are currently under regulatory scrutiny in Europe, with the potential for a blanket ban. The '98 AU 30500' material, with its exceptional performance and applicability, is poised to fill the gap created by potential restrictions on the use of fluoropolymers, making it a strategic and forward-thinking development in the field of sealing technology.

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