Futamura Launches a New Facility in Wigton
Futamura Launches a New Facility in Wigton

Futamura Launches a New Facility in Wigton

  • 06-Sep-2023 5:19 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

Futamura, a distinguished manufacturer specializing in sustainable cellulose films, casings, and non-wovens, has recently celebrated a momentous achievement – the inauguration of its cellulose film production line at its European manufacturing facility situated in Wigton. This milestone underscores Futamura's unwavering commitment to meeting the surging demand for its flagship range of renewable and compostable NatureFlex films.

The grand unveiling of this meticulously designed and constructed production line was graced by the presence of Futamura President Yasuo Nagae. It signifies the culmination of a year marked by intricate planning and dedicated efforts, elevating Futamura's capability to better serve its esteemed customer base and address the ever-growing global appetite for environmentally responsible packaging materials. The introduction of this cutting-edge production line is poised to bolster the facility's production capacity by approximately 25%, a move that promises to reduce lead times and enhance the availability of NatureFlex films in the market.

Adrian Cave, Managing Director at Futamura Cellulose Films Europe, expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit displayed by the entire team. He attributed the successful commissioning of this bespoke machine to the commitment and hard work of the team, with a special nod to the engineering department for its meticulous construction efforts. Cave further underscored the pivotal contributions made by all involved parties in turning this vision into reality. He emphasized that the new production line would empower Futamura to expand its capacity for renewable and certified compostable films. Additionally, it would facilitate the development of their latest innovation project, enabling the company to better support its customers in their pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions.

Andrew Duckworth, Operations Director at Futamura Cellulose Films EMEA, expressed immense pride in the exceptional efforts put forth by the team. He highlighted the team's extraordinary dedication in commissioning the new machine, recognizing its potential to benefit not only customers but also the company and its employees for years to come.

One of the standout products within Futamura's portfolio is NatureFlex films. These innovative films are derived from renewable wood pulp and represent a hallmark of sustainability in packaging solutions. NatureFlex films have been engineered to adhere to rigorous global industrial composting standards, including BS EN13432. This achievement underscores their compatibility with environmentally responsible disposal practices. Moreover, NatureFlex films have received certification from TÜV Austria for their suitability for backyard composting, further enhancing their eco-friendly credentials. In addition to their composting attributes, NatureFlex films encompass a range of AGEC Law-compliant options. This diverse range underscores Futamura's commitment to aligning with stringent environmental regulations and sustainability objectives, catering to the diverse needs of its customers while contributing positively to a greener, more sustainable future.

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