GAIL Shuts Polyethylene Unit in Pata on Shortage of Gas Feedstock

  • 25-Sep-2020
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

GAIL, country’s largest gas processing and distribution giants, have reported to implement turnaround in Polyethylene polymer plant at Pata, Uttar Pradesh on restricted availability of feedstock Natural Gas. The polymer unit at Pata is a 40000 TPA swing plant encompassing the production of low-density polyethylene and high-density polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE). The closure of subsequent Hazira plant in Gujarat due to the unprecedented fire outbreak has primarily affected the feedstock supply to GAIL’s several plant units. Although the exact duration of turnaround remains uncertain, the polymer plant shut since yesterday is anticipated to continue for a week or two. As Hazira plant is the largest gas distribution unit in India, the company is currently analysing the impact and duration of the Hazira plant uncertainty to its feedstock supply and is cautious over similar shortages happening to other plant units across the country.

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