GEKA Introduces Formula-Compliant Recycled Polypropylene for Cosmetic Packaging
GEKA Introduces Formula-Compliant Recycled Polypropylene for Cosmetic Packaging

GEKA Introduces Formula-Compliant Recycled Polypropylene for Cosmetic Packaging

  • 26-Mar-2024 2:22 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

GEKA, the beauty brand under medmix, is spearheading a transformation in the cosmetics packaging sector through a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable cosmetics.

Their latest achievement is the introduction of the first-ever post-consumer-recycled (PCR) polypropylene (PP) material, compliant with bulk and formulation standards, suitable for primary cosmetic packaging. This revolutionary material not only offers unparalleled color brilliance but also guarantees the preservation of visual effects while significantly reducing CO2 emissions by 75% compared to virgin materials.

The newly developed PCR PP material is specifically designed for components that come into contact with formulations, such as bottles and rods, representing a major breakthrough in material innovation. Remarkably, it exhibits identical behavior to virgin material, eliminating the need for manufacturers to adjust tooling or processing equipment. Moreover, it is available at a comparable price level, making it a zero-investment solution for brands looking to make an immediate transition toward sustainability.

This innovative material is the result of a close collaboration between GEKA and their long-standing partner, WIS-Kunststoffe. Consisting of a minimum of 95% recycled PP plastic, the material is entirely odorless and has undergone thorough testing to adhere to stringent global standards relevant to both the cosmetics and food industries. These standards include EU (No) 10/2011 for food contact, EC 1223/2009 for cosmetic products, REACH (no) 1907/2006, and California Proposition 65.

The material's ability to meet these rigorous standards opens up new possibilities for packaging products such as water-based mascaras. Previously, the stringent quality and suitability requirements for components in contact with cosmetics, such as the thread part and bottle, prohibited the use of PCR PPs. However, with this groundbreaking development, packaging can now be crafted entirely from recycled material.

GEKA and WIS-Kunststoffe have meticulously optimized the new material for cosmetics packaging, ensuring it is color-neutral and capable of accommodating a wide range of shade and effect combinations that were previously unattainable with conventional recycled packaging. The absence of impurities or the need for added color batches ensures consistency and vibrancy in hues that were challenging to maintain before.

This breakthrough material enables cosmetic brands to explore complex effects such as metallic sheen or chrome without compromising on brilliance or resorting to excessive pigment use. Its ability to replicate the properties of virgin PP ensures unprecedented color brilliance and guarantees no loss of visual effect, allowing cosmetics businesses to seamlessly transition to the new recycled material without altering their existing branding.

GEKA unveiled this groundbreaking PCR PP material at Cosmopack in Bologna, held from March 21 to 24, 2024. Visitors had the opportunity to witness this revolutionary material firsthand at Hall 15 - Booth E2/F1.

In essence, GEKA's innovative PCR PP material empowers the cosmetics industry to embrace sustainability without compromising on performance, functionality, or quality. Unlike traditional PCR materials, which often encounter issues with appearance and compatibility, GEKA's PCR PP material preserves vivid colors and design concepts, ensuring that beauty brands can achieve their sustainability goals without sacrificing aesthetics.

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