GenCell Highlights Significant Strides in Green Ammonia Synthesis
GenCell Highlights Significant Strides in Green Ammonia Synthesis

GenCell Highlights Significant Strides in Green Ammonia Synthesis

  • 20-Nov-2023 7:25 PM
  • Journalist: Jung Hoon

GenCell, a prominent provider of hydrogen and ammonia solutions for power, continues to make remarkable strides in its green ammonia synthesis development project. Building on the momentum from previous announcements in February 2021 and February 2022, GenCell has now surpassed initial expectations with an additional significant progress.

The company's groundbreaking process involves synthesizing green ammonia directly from water, thereby achieving this at notably low temperature and pressure compared to traditional methods across the world. GenCell proudly reports achieving a faradaic efficiency of 50% in its green ammonia production process within its laboratory. This marks a substantial improvement compared to the 25% faradaic efficiency typically seen with the traditional method of green ammonia production. The achievement is attributed to the development of innovative methods and techniques that address the most challenging steps in the nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR) process.

GenCell's novel methods have the potential to enable the production of green ammonia at a lower cost than the prevailing alternative method. In alignment with its long-term strategic plan to establish a significant competitive advantage and protect intellectual property, the company plans to submit a patent application for this groundbreaking invention. The evaluation of the scientific and commercial implications of this development is underway, thereby emphasizing its potential impact on the green ammonia production landscape.

Within the project framework, GenCell aims to devise a clean, energy-efficient method for producing green ammonia, offering an emission-free alternative to the traditional processes responsible for around 235 million tons of ammonia production annually, valued at approximately $100 billion. Green ammonia holds promise as a hydrogen carrier for the energy industry, a vital component in fertilizers for agriculture, and a critical resource for various sectors such as maritime, aviation, semiconductors, and more.

The successful culmination of this project aligns with GenCell's broader mission to deliver revolutionary technology to the green ammonia market and contribute to ambitious zero carbon emission targets outlined by the U.N. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the availability of green ammonia for diverse applications. Notably, as of 2022, about 85% of clean hydrogen projects globally involve shipping in the form of ammonia. According to IRENA, the projected demand for ammonia in 2050 is estimated to reach 688Mt, diversifying from primarily maritime fuel to a growing market for hydrogen transport. GenCell's ongoing innovations position it at the forefront of advancements in green ammonia synthesis, thereby emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and a cleaner energy future.

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