Germany Arginine Prices Show Upward Trend in Mid-October 2023 Amid Rising Consumers' Demand
Germany Arginine Prices Show Upward Trend in Mid-October 2023 Amid Rising Consumers' Demand

Germany Arginine Prices Show Upward Trend in Mid-October 2023 Amid Rising Consumers' Demand

  • 19-Oct-2023 3:14 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

The prices of Arginine in the German market witnessed a rising trend during the initial half of October. This notable trend can be attributed to increased consumer demand, heightened crude oil prices, and subdued trading activities. Arginine, an amino acid, holds a crucial role as a vital ingredient in pharmaceutical medications and healthcare supplements. Recently, demand from these end sectors has risen, which has pushed Arginine prices upward.

During the first week of October, manufacturing activities in China slowed down due to the annual "Golden Week" holiday. The entire country was on vacation, causing business closures and a temporary halt in the manufacturing and shipping manufactured goods. This also resulted in limited consumer purchasing activity, which kept the Arginine market stable in China. However, this period witnessed constrained and costly exports to other countries, notably Germany, which consequently drove up the prices of Arginine within the German market. Nevertheless, in the second week, factory operations in China accelerated to satisfy the heightened demand from both the local and international markets following the conclusion of the Golden Week celebration. As a result, the Arginine market remained elevated.

Since the start of Russia's all-out invasion of Ukraine, German inflation has hit its most favorable level, signaling a crucial turning point in reducing the heavy inflationary pressures that have beset Europe's economic powerhouse. However, energy prices remained higher in September, backed by a slight 1.0% increase, prompting fears that inflation will continue regularly over the ECB's 2% objective, requiring the bank to keep interest rates higher for longer. Consequently, this has escalated transportation expenses and corporate outlays, supporting Arginine prices' upward trajectory.

Furthermore, the effects of the conflict between Israel and Hamas are being felt across Europe. The oil price increased by 4% in the second week, then somewhat declined and was still much below the recent top of around $100 per barrel. The growing cost of oil may have a major ripple effect throughout Europe, particularly given the continent's recent shock to energy prices that caused inflation to skyrocket. This factor also contributed to the rise in Arginine costs during the second week of October.

According to ChemAnalyst, Arginine prices will likely rise somewhat in the next few months due to consistent demand from end-users and fewer market supplies. The battle between Israel and Hamas is anticipated to pose significant problems for Europe's economy. So far, the conflict has had little effect on oil supply, as the oil market is pricing in increased risks to supply due to expectations that the conflict may intensify. Any Iranian cooperation in the Hamas attack is expected to result in a reduction in Iranian oil output and a tightening of Western sanctions against Iran. This would jeopardize the oil supply and raise global energy costs. Consequently, this chain of events could contribute to inflation in Europe, ultimately resulting in higher prices for Arginine.

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