Global Aspartame Prices Tumble Due to Feeble Demand at the End of February 2023
Global Aspartame Prices Tumble Due to Feeble Demand at the End of February 2023

Global Aspartame Prices Tumble Due to Feeble Demand at the End of February 2023

  • 27-Feb-2023 2:58 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Prices of Aspartame across the globe demonstrate a negative outlook throughout the middle of the first quarter of 2023 on the back of sufficient inventories, lower inquiries, and bearish trade flow.

As the production costs for Aspartame (Artificial Sweeteners) fell in February, prices also fell considerably within the Chinese market. One of the primary factors contributing to decreased production costs was that after the Lunar New Year, demand for Aspartame did not meet merchants' and retailers' expectations, forcing them to lower their prices to destock stockpiles and avoid loss aversion for the product.

The downstream demand for Aspartame has declined globally, resulting in lower imports from export nations such as China, resulting in a pileup of consignments at the ports, further keeping the market sentiments for Aspartame toward the south side. Moreover, reduced consumer requirements and high downstream availability within the US encouraged suppliers and traders to reduce stock levels by offering a healthy discount to balance their profits.

Similarly, in Germany, the cost of Aspartame also witnesses a downward trend during February 2023. The prices of Aspartame demonstrated a dip of around 2 percent in the German market, which was further supported by a decrease in domestic inquiries and listed stocks of the previous month. Whereas, in the forthcoming months, it is anticipated that the demand might surge at a moderate rate, which can be balanced with the supplies among the market players.

As per the ChemAnalyst, "the price of Aspartame is projected to improve again in the coming months. The demand from the downstream sector is likely to gain its pace at a feeble rate across the globe. China might witness a healthy increment in inquiries from domestic and overseas markets, which is expected to support the positive price and might increase Aspartame production costs. Further US and Germany are likely to demonstrate a stable inclination in the prices of Aspartame. Local retailers are expected to raise their prices slightly."

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