Global Azithromycin Prices Likely to Spike in November Amid Rising Demand
Global Azithromycin Prices Likely to Spike in November Amid Rising Demand

Global Azithromycin Prices Likely to Spike in November Amid Rising Demand

  • 24-Nov-2023 3:23 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Azithromycin prices are anticipated to experience a global upswing in November, propelled by increased demand from various industries spurred by elevated consumption and heightened consumer spending. Market participants actively restocked their inventories to meet this heightened demand, contributing to the upward trend in Azithromycin prices. Additionally, market players have adapted their pricing strategies to align with this sudden surge in demand. Azithromycin is a type of antibiotic medication that is employed in the treatment of a range of bacterial infections, which include infections of the respiratory system, strep throat, and infections in the ear. As winter arrived, the cases of bacterial infections showed a notable increment, which might raise Azithromycin prices.

In China, the manufacturing sector is expected to face additional challenges in Q4 as most factories rush to finish work by year-end. These circumstances are expected to result in diminished production and restricted stocks in the Chinese market, potentially leading to an upward trajectory in Azithromycin prices. On November 13, China's National Health Commission reported an increase in respiratory diseases and clusters of pneumonia. Chinese authorities attribute this surge to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the circulation of known pathogens such as influenza and mycoplasma pneumonia, a common bacterial infection that typically affects younger children. This sudden rise in cases could outpace the existing market supply, potentially leading to increased Azithromycin prices.

A parallel trend in Azithromycin is expected in the European and USA markets, where China plays a pivotal role as a major exporter of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Recent observations suggest that strengthening the Chinese yuan against the USD may result in sluggish exports of APIs from China to foreign nations in November, limiting the overall supply in the USA and European markets and potentially leading to an increase in Azithromycin prices. Additionally, recent data reveals a steady increase in strep throat cases in the US, surging the demand for antibiotics and contributing to the rise in Azithromycin prices. Similarly, in the Eurozone, a confluence of factors, including increased demand for critical medicines, economic uncertainties, and international geopolitical unrest, has significantly impacted Europe's supply chain, potentially leading to limited availability of Azithromycin. The factors contributing to the heightened demand for Azithromycin in the Eurozone include easing inflationary pressure and seasonal influences, which could further support a price rise.

According to ChemAnalyst's analysis, prices are anticipated to decrease by the end of the year, driven by increased manufacturing activities that ensure an ample supply of Azithromycin globally to meet steady demand from end-consumers. Nevertheless, prices may experience a surge at the start of FY24, propelled by an uptick in consumer purchases, maintaining a favorable market environment for Azithromycin.

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