Global Bauxite Prices Remain Firm Amid Increased Production in Top Mining Nations
Global Bauxite Prices Remain Firm Amid Increased Production in Top Mining Nations

Global Bauxite Prices Remain Firm Amid Increased Production in Top Mining Nations

  • 11-Sep-2023 3:41 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

In the week ending September 8, the price of Bauxite has remained stable in the global market with supply tightening from major African and other mining countries. To meet the rising demand from downstream industries in the coming months, major aluminum-producing industries are forming deals with both local and overseas mines for long-term Bauxite supply. However, the current demand for Aluminium from the downstream housing and construction sector is low due to the ongoing economic recovery phase. The recent power outages in the US and European nations caused by harsh weather conditions have shifted the Bauxite market towards a pessimistic sentiment. Despite this, the Bauxite prices have not been significantly affected, holding firm on a stable market trend. The industry is closely monitoring the situation and will take steps accordingly if the situation changes.

Production activity has increased across major Bauxite mines, notably in African nations. South African metal mining company, Vale Base Metals, recently committed to a USD 10 billion investment in Indonesia over the next decade to ensure adequate Bauxite supply for the expansion of Electric Vehicle production industries. Vale also plans to invest a total of USD 30 billion in new projects across Brazil, Canada, and Indonesia, thereby increasing refinery capacity from 75,000 MT to 300,000 MT per year. Moreover, Australian mining company, Lindian Resources, has signed a MoU with “Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée (CBG)”, a Guinean mining company, to expand local Bauxite supply. The agreement aims to explore the supply of Bauxite from the Lindian Gaoual Bauxite project in northwest Guinea to supplement CBG's annual Bauxite production, increasing the supply of Bauxite from Guinea to major consumers globally.

Market trends indicate that Bauxite production rates have also been hiked by Noranda Aluminium in Canada, Alufer Mining in South Africa, and Yangquan Jinfeng in China. However, ongoing protests in the Rayagada district of Orissa in India have disrupted Indian Bauxite mining rates, as villagers oppose the activity, citing damage to the natural habitat and forestry of the local region. Despite supply increases, the local consumers have placed minimal orders, keeping the market slowly increasing. The market players are closely monitoring the situation and will take necessary steps accordingly.

Adverse weather conditions, such as typhoons and cyclones, are causing significant disruptions in power supply across Europe. This situation is reflected in the market sentiment for the trade of Bauxite in the US region, particularly in eastern regions of the USA, where power outages are affecting several parts of Pennsylvania. With transportation and business activities expected to be suspended as the power supply declines, this is leading to a negative market sentiment for Bauxite trade in the US region. The industry is closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary measures to prevent any further disruptions to supply chain activities. As extreme weather events become more frequent, the industry will need to prepare for potential disruptions in power supply and other critical infrastructure. Consequently, industry players may need to reassess their risk management strategies to minimize the impact of such events on the global supply chain.

According to ChemAnalyst, the price of Bauxite is expected to increase in the upcoming month as the Green energy sector is expected to expand in the global market. The downstream consumption of Aluminium will uplift the demand for Bauxite as the Electric Vehicle industry is expected to experience a boost across the globe.

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