Global Caustic Potash Prices Follow Stagnancy Due to Stable Demand
Global Caustic Potash Prices Follow Stagnancy Due to Stable Demand

Global Caustic Potash Prices Follow Stagnancy Due to Stable Demand

  • 23-Feb-2023 1:53 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

The Caustic Potash prices showed a static price trend in the global market, owing to the stagnancy in demand from the downstream industries, such as the agriculture and textile sectors, coupled with a slowed weekly output. In late February 2023, the Caustic Potash inventories were sufficient and domestic supplies were improved amidst the resumption of the plant operations in the region after maintenance shutdowns in the previous month.

In India, the recovery in Caustic Potash production supported the commodity's current price trend in mid-February 2023. Meanwhile, the weakening of overseas demand for the  Indian Textile sector led to a bearish market situation of the Caustic Potash this week. The export offers from the European countries paused for Indian Caustic Potash due to high inflation amidst skyrocketing energy prices and a global economic slowdown adversely impacted consumer purchasing confidence in the international market. In addition, domestic inquiries for Caustic Potash in the agriculture sectors remained silent due to the oversupplied market in the week ending 17 February 2023, leading to price stability.

Caustic Potash prices witnessed stability on negative values in the US market towards the end of February, backed by the stagnant overseas inquiries and improved production activities after a resumption of operations post-plant shutdown under Force Majeure in January 2023. As per the latest insights, the global economic slowdown and supply disruptions have substantially obstructed the market for the commodity. The supplies were restricted by weak consumer demand and persistent inflation across the globe.

As per ChemAnalyst, prices of Caustic Potash may further increase in March 2023, owing to anticipated improvement in the downstream textile industry demand in the APAC region. In addition, fluctuations in upstream energy prices are anticipated to impact the input cost of the product. Additionally, the global market will likely get more positive on commodity demand in March 2023.

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