Global Epinephrine API Prices to Witness a Downturn Trend in December 2022
Global Epinephrine API Prices to Witness a Downturn Trend in December 2022

Global Epinephrine API Prices to Witness a Downturn Trend in December 2022

  • 12-Dec-2022 2:26 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

This month, the prices of Epinephrine API, an active pharmaceutical ingredient, are likely to witness a weak market sentiment compared to the previous month. Certain factors might support this trend for Epinephrine API in both Germany and the United States, including the surging energy cost due to changes in climatic conditions. Further, people are facing inflation at high levels that have not been seen for decades, as a surge in the prices of essentials such as food, transport, heating, and accommodation has reduced the purchasing index of the customers considerably.

In Germany, the price of Epinephrine API is projected to decline by 0.16% in December 2022 as concern over lower requirements amid ample inventories put a strain on the supplies and the traders to reduce their quotations and clear their stocks at discounted prices. Additionally, the ease in the supply chain pressures has led to the near normalization of container freight charges, which suggests that profits might be weaker compared to the current trend. The main risk includes the potential for a severe recession and the continuation of pandemic-related lockdowns in China, which could further reduce manufacturing and trading activity.

Moreover, owing to the Christmas break, the market is expected to close significantly, resulting in the stockpiling of the inventories with the market participants, further supporting the price trend of Epinephrine API on the lower side.

Similar market sentiment is viewed in the United States, where the price of Epinephrine API fell at a rate of 0.74%. The nation’s supply chain is somewhat fragile, the demand remains weak, and the inventories are projected to be on the higher side, compelling the domestic merchants to destock their Epinephrine API inventories at a lower price, affecting their profit margins.

According to the Chemanalyst: “the cost of Epinephrine API is expected to incline with the moderate rate in the upcoming months in Germany and the United States. Market participants might increase their stock level with them in order to meet the increasing end-user demand.

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