Global Lisinopril Prices in October Scaled Down as the Demand Outlook Bleaks
Global Lisinopril Prices in October Scaled Down as the Demand Outlook Bleaks

Global Lisinopril Prices in October Scaled Down as the Demand Outlook Bleaks

  • 18-Oct-2022 5:00 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

The Global Lisinopril market commenced on a decreasing note with the onset of the fourth quarter of 2022 due to weak demand from end-user sectors and wider macroeconomic uncertainty. The Lisinopril market faced affordability concerns, high-cost production, and competition with lower-priced imports from Asia.

As per the data, Lisinopril prices have dropped around 1.3% in Germany due to bearish demand from downstream pharmaceutical and healthcare industries coupled with adequate product availability. Moreover, rising concerns about the economy and the high inflation rate in Europe impact the overall price of Lisinopril as purchasing activities from the domestic market drop. In order to increase the inquiries from the downstream sector and to clear their existing stockpiles, domestic merchants gradually reduced their quotations. In the German market, Lisinopril prices are settled around USD 337500/MT by the mid of October 2022.

Similarly, the Lisinopril price trend in China has been reduced by 1.9% due to dull demand sentiments from the domestic and international markets. The plunged prices of Lisinopril also initiates by dwindling demand from the downstream industries, causing slow purchasing activity. After returning from Golden Week Holiday (1st-7th October 2022), factories have resumed their production activities, resulting in sufficient inventories of Lisinopril among domestic manufacturers. However, ongoing lockdown measures in some parts of China due to rising COVID-19 cases are leading to uncertainties in production, operations, and logistics which bring potential downward pressure to end-user demand. Thus, lengthening supply with demand staying uncertain, prices of Lisinopril in China assembled at USD  294200/MT by the mid of October.

According to ChemAnalyst, it is estimated that Lisinopril prices will likely increase in European and Asian markets in the next month due to improvement in demand fundamentals from downstream industries on the back of limited inventories among domestic merchants.

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