Global Lysine Hydrochloride Moves Towards North with the End of 2022
Global Lysine Hydrochloride Moves Towards North with the End of 2022

Global Lysine Hydrochloride Moves Towards North with the End of 2022

  • 02-Jan-2023 12:11 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Prices for Lysine Hydrochloride increased globally over the course of December 2022 after experiencing a large decline in the previous month. Also, rising inflation, higher energy costs, and surging prices of upstream Soyabean have all significantly supported the market sentiments for Lysine Hydrochloride worldwide.

In Germany, it was observed that the prices of Lysine Hydrochloride during December inclined by around 1.17 percent compared to the previous month. One of the primary reasons is the disruption of the trade from China (a significant exporter of Lysine Hydrochloride) to Germany, along with its increasing downstream demand.

A rise in COVID-19 cases in China caused additional interruptions during the final month of Q4 2022 as authorities were still apprehensive about the future business landscape because of the major risks associated with China's abrupt U-turn away from "zero COVID" policy, which resulted in nation's decline in manufacturing activity. The price of Lysine Hydrochloride showed an upward trend of 7.75 percent in December, despite a decline in Chinese economic activity on the back of the increased end-user demand. Due to this, domestic providers raised their quotations in the domestic and global marketplaces in order to stay within their profit margins. Additionally, the price trend for Lysine Hydrochloride was also underpinned by the increased upstream Soyabean prices.

The prices of Lysine Hydrochloride inched up by 1.26 percent in December, mimicking a similar trend in the domestic market of the United States. Delivery has been hampered and delayed as a result of the COVID outbreaks in China, which have supported this month's price trends for Lysine Hydrochloride. Additionally, Lysine Hydrochloride inquiries have increased a little bit, while some terminals have adopted a wait-and-see attitude about factors like the availability of end-user items among market participants.

According to ChemAnalyst: "the prices of Lysine Hydrochloride are expected to follow a similar trend in the forthcoming months. Prices are projected to rise consistently in Germany and the United States, whereas in China, the prices might surge at a faster rate. Furthermore, trading activities might as well improve from China to other regions, which in turn is expected to add another factor to its price enhancement.

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