Global Metronidazole API Prices Plunged on the Back of Demand Destruction Fears

Global Metronidazole API Prices Plunged on the Back of Demand Destruction Fears

Global Metronidazole API Prices Plunged on the Back of Demand Destruction Fears

  • 19-Sep-2022 5:43 PM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

According to the latest data, Metronidazole API prices continued to turn down until the third week of September due to worries over destructive demand across European, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In the European region, the Prices of Metronidazole API have continued their bearish run with a decline of around 3.5%, especially in Germany, due to the sufficient inventories and sluggish demand from the downstream pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Additionally, rising energy costs have been a major issue, ultimately influencing the region's manufacturing operations. In response to bearish demand and higher energy costs, Cordon Pharma Bergamo, a significant manufacturer of metronidazole API, has reduced its operating rates.

Conversely, similar market trends for Metronidazole API have been seen in the North American region. A considerable decline of about 2.4% in US Metronidazole API prices by mid-September 2022  is attributed to high manufacturing and shipping expenses. However, the effect of inflation and economic uncertainty have kept muted demand from downstream Pharmaceutical Industries. The manufacturers of Metronidazole API have lowered their quotes to preserve the supply-demand balance because of the accumulation of stocks and the contractual new orders.

Likewise, Metronidazole API prices in Asian markets are decreased by 3.1% owing to bearish buying sentiments from end-user finished drugs manufacturers in the Asian region, especially in the Northeast area, where demand is weakening on the back of recent decreasing production. As a result, the producers of Metronidazole API are eager to offload their inventory and begin producing new stock.

According to ChemAnalyst prediction, Metronidazole API prices will showcase an improvement in the fourth quarter of 2022 as demand will improve to shift market dynamics globally. Additionally, the current energy crisis will only worsen in Europe since the Metronidazole supply may not be enough to meet demand throughout the upcoming winter.


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