Global Sulfamethazine API Prices Rise On The Loop, But Till When?
Global Sulfamethazine API Prices Rise On The Loop, But Till When?

Global Sulfamethazine API Prices Rise On The Loop, But Till When?

  • 28-Feb-2023 6:42 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

The price of Sulfamethazine API in the first half of Q1 2023 has showcased continuous growth in the global market but at a steady pace. In Asian countries, manufacturers have a strong willingness to maintain price stability, which also reflects in European and North American countries. The reason behind the stable increase in February is the perfect equilibrium between supply and demand. The distributors easily meet the ongoing, consistent demand for Sulfamethazine API as supply in the global market is up to the mark.

Manufacturers in China raised Sulfamethazine API prices by up to 2.4% in January, anticipating increased demand after the Chinese market reopened following the Spring Festival. Suppliers had fewer inventories of Sulfamethazine API on hand at the time because manufacturers had ceased production and trading activity had decreased. As soon as February started, everything returned to normal, from production to trade. Chinese suppliers now have enough Sulfamethazine API on hand to meet demand in both domestic and international markets. The end-user purchase atmosphere from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the Chinese domestic market is also dependent on the demand from the consumer side, which is also quite stable. As a result, Sulfamethazine API prices are closing February on a stable and strong note.

Similarly, the German and US markets for Sulfamethazine API are experiencing the same trend as China due to consistent demand in their respective markets. The improvement in supply chain and logistics issues has resulted in better trading activities and shipping from China. Along with this, buyers from both countries have encountered a slight increment of 0.5% compared to the previous hike of around 3% in import prices for Sulfamethazine API from China.

According to the ChemAnalyst team, global Sulfamethazine API prices are likely to remain stable in the coming months on the back of the regular demand from end-user industries and the constant flow of supply in the market. The market dynamics will continue to remain on a stagnant note till the balance between supply and demand is maintained. However, both manufacturers and purchasers are waiting to see what the markets have in the closet in the future.

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