Global Tire Industry Reducing CO2 Footprint with Solvay's Circular HDS Solution

Global Tire Industry Reducing CO2 Footprint with Solvay's Circular HDS Solution

Global Tire Industry Reducing CO2 Footprint with Solvay's Circular HDS Solution

  • 18-Jan-2023 5:34 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

Brussels: Solvay is investing in its Livorno site in Italy to launch a groundbreaking circular Silica production unit. The bio-based sodium Silicate used to make the highly dispersible Silica (HDS) will be derived from rice husk ash, providing a second life for the local value chain, and creating a carbon footprint that is 50% lower than traditional Silica production routes. By 2024, the Livorno site will become Europe's best in class when it comes to CO2 emissions, proving that sustainability is possible with modern technology.

Solvay is set to revolutionize tires, home & personal care, and feed & food industries with its new circular HDS. By replacing their existing Zeosil portfolio with the new Silica derived from rice husk ash, not only are sustainable raw materials being used, but the tire industry’s CO2 footprint will be drastically reduced. This pioneering move has been made possible by modern technology and shows that sustainability can exist in harmony with progress.

The company is leading the way in circular HDS production, having committed to doing so at a European site within a set timeframe. Taking this journey forward requires the involvement of stakeholders throughout the value chain, and Continental is amongst those playing a key role. By implementing the competitive rice husk ash (RHA) proprietary process in Europe, Solvay can ensure consistent product quality while overcoming any variability associated with agro feedstocks.

Solvay is expanding its HDS capacity in North America with the construction of a brand-new plant. This plant has been designed with circular raw materials in mind, while staying in line with the Group's commitment to carbon neutrality. Additionally, Solvay is exploring opportunities for similar initiatives in Asia and South America.


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